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Hungarian pork sausages for Barbecue. Hungarian food online store.


European Style BBQ !   Here you can find sausages perfect for grilling such as original German Wurst, Hungarian Debrecen Sausage, Romanian Mititei or Polish grilling Kielbasa! We ship all our sausages frozen in coolers with Dry Ice. If your order arrives frozen or partially frozen you can place it in your freezer and keep it fresh for a long time!

BBQ in European style with Polish sausages, Hungarian Kolbasz, and smoked bacon

BBQ, or barbecue, is an extremely popular form of eating meals in the USA. Although it might seem that this is a real national specialty of Americans, Europe, mainly the Central and Eastern Parts, are not worse at all. Especially Poles in the spring and summer season are avid barbecue fans. And no wonder because they have a lot of tasty victuals to put on their grills. These can be, for example, Balaton sausage, Polish barbecue sausage (grillowa), or Hungarian bratwurst. Virtually every part of the Old Continent can boast a delicious grill delicacy. Spiske parky is popular in the Czech Republic, Swiss Cheese Knackers in Switzerland, and Hungarian Debrezinger in Austria. But there is much more. They can also enjoy the taste of such delicious cold cuts as German bratwurst, Smoked Krainerwurst, or Hungarian Smoked Bacon. Traditional American barbecue with meat victuals straight from the Old Continent? Why not? In our opinion, it is a perfect idea!

Finest pork sausages from Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, and Poland in Hungarian deli store

BBQ meat should be quiet fat. This fat, while melting, will make the meat juicy. It is crucial because if there is not enough fat, the meat will be dry. On the other hand, if there is too much of it, it will be tasteless and visually disturbing. We recommend here, among others, Veal Franks, Old Europe Majas Hurka, or Polish Zwyczajna. Moreover, always check the composition of our meat. We should avoid substances like diphosphates, triphosphates, and pork skins. It would be good if the sausage was in a natural intestine. Experience also shows that pork is best suited for a barbecue. Fine quality sausage does not require any special seasoning or preparation. It is good to incise it crosswise, so the fat can melt out. Then, we put it on a hot grill, smeared with vegetable oil. The sausage should be grilled for 7-8 minutes on each side. It tastes best with baked potatoes and a salad.