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Polish Dairy & Bakery

Polish Dairy & Bakery, online food store with european food. European bakery products more and more often become an appealing alternative for American ones. Just like meat goods. It would seem that such products, with a limited shelf life, do not maintain their properties during long transport. But the Fabko online store proves otherwise. Unique, natural packaging techniques for our food products allow our customers to enjoy the flavors straight from the Old Continent. Cheeses without preservatives are the most popular of this type of product. We offer natural Danish Brie, Polish-style farmer cheese, Romanian Branza de burduf, and Carpathian cascaval (the one from the goat). All based on healthy milk from cows grazing peacefully in the local meadows. Fed with nutritious food only. We also offer leading regional dairy products such as Polish Bryndza (Sheep Cheese), Cascaval dobroega, Carpathian feta, and Polish smoked gouda. Moreover, on our pages, you can also find delicacies such as butter, margarine, kefirs, yogurts, milk desserts, and condensed milk.

Polish dairy and bakery, tasty croissant, apricot strudel, and Baltic bread

Polish dairy and bakery are probably one of the most mentioned foods by all those who went there. And no wonder. The taste of such products as homestyle Hungarian beigli, Croissant with chocolate, or apricot roll will forever remain in your memory. Our assortment includes crispy European bread and delicious local sweet pastries. You can find here, among others, Walnut and Apricot Layered Cake (Zserbó), Hungarian style cheese buns, Raisin babka, and Romanian Cozonac bread with Turkish Delight. We cannot fail to mention also such delights as Polish poppy seed roll, mixed nut roll, and Hungarian Dobos Tarta. You can prepare many of these national pastries at home. We offer mixes, thanks to which it will not be a problem. This can be, for example, Palacinka Pancakes mixture, Tiramisu cream mix, or gingerbread instant cake. We are convinced that preparing this confectionery on your own will give you a lot of pleasure and satisfaction. 

We deliver renowned food products from Poland and Hungary to the USA

Have you ever tried dairy products from Eastern Europe? No? Decidedly, you have to! Poland, Hungary, and Romania are countries producing their milk in a remarkably unique way. Indeed, the milk itself in these regions is a genuine synonym of extraordinary freshness, naturalness, and fresh taste. That's why local cheeses, butter, and margarine taste so good. And local kefirs, yogurts, or desserts as well. Be it Polish Style Farmer cheese, Bryndza Sheep cheese, or Gouda Sliced. Undoubtedly, their manufacturers have used even the centuries-old recipes to make them so delicious and desired. And that's how it is with European food. On the Old Continent, food processing has a much smaller proportion of production than in the US. And nourishments made from milk are unusually healthy. Try European full-fat cottage cheese or a soft one with chives. You will categorically agree! The same is with our natural kefir from Poland. Surely you will love it if you try it!

Polish online food store offers cakes, rolls, and cheese buns

Central Europe is also a place where you can undoubtedly find unique pastries. There, the process of making this type of food has ancient and even ancient origins. The bread itself has thousands of kinds in that part of the world, though. The truth is, it is a subject of a completely separate category. But what the local population is best at is pastries. Baklava, apricot strudel, or gingerbread cake are the most suitable examples. Undoubtedly, this type of delicacy is one of the most beloved foods among tourists. But not only them. Virtually everyone who visits the Old Continent says that. He remembers the unusual, full, and aromatic taste of the local products straight from the oven. Right now, thanks to the Fabko online store, you don't need to go to Europe to enjoy them. Indeed, all you can need to do is visit our website and choose whatever you like. Besides, we guarantee culinary satisfaction, fast shipping, and an original taste.

European baking ingredients for your home-made pastries

Fabko online store not only offers you good quality breakfast cakes, apricot rolls, or strudels. It also delivers aromatic and tasty baking ingredients. Thanks to them, now, everyone can prepare the delicacies they tried on the Old Continent on their own at home. These components will undoubtedly give a new and better taste to your home-baked goods as well. We do not doubt that our poppy mass, pastry layers, or bay leaves will introduce you to a world of previously unknown flavors and aromas. Exactly as rice flour with potato starch, cacao powder, yeast instant, and Romanian sheep cheese. We also offer cake toppings such as coconut desiccated, cream flavor, and vanilla sugar. In addition, we have many ready-to-use ingredient mixes that allow you to quickly and easily prepare such baked goods as chocolate, gingerbread, or sponge cake. It is indeed a pleasing way to start your adventure with handmade pastries from the Old Continent.

Polish instant cakes and what makes them so different

These kinds of baked delicacies are widespread on the Old Continent. It is a quick treat that one can prepare in minutes. And it is commonly made with flour, sugar, salt, eggs, and baking powder. Undoubtedly, these are ingredients that most people have in their kitchens. You mix the components together until they form a batter of sticky dough which is then baked or fried immediately. Herein, at Fabko online store, you can find, among others, Polish Black Forest Cake Mix, Instant Cheesecake, and Tiramisu Cream Mix. Any gourmet will quickly see the difference between their American and European versions. What makes such a big contrast? First of all, typical pastries from Poland come from doughs that are a bit denser than their American counterparts due to their yeast-leavened enriched dough. Secondly, a traditional Polish recipe uses a mixture of flour and water. On the other hand, the American ones use only flour with yeast.