Yellow cheese 

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Gouda Cheese/ 1lb/ unsliced
Gouda is a traditional, cow’s milk, hard cheese covered in a wax rind. The flavor is sweet and fruity, and as the cheese ages, it hardens and the taste becomes more intense and complex and almost cheddar like.
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Yellow cheese

Yellow cheese from Croatia, Romania and Poland.

Yellow cheese. Polish Dairy online store.

Order our Yellow cheese, Polish Gouda, Danish Brie, Kashkaval, and Camembert

Yellow cheese is usually caloric and contains a lot of fat. However, it is very healthy at the same time. At Fabko online store, we realize that this type is one of the most desired types imported from Europe. Therefore, in our online service, we have gathered Danish Brie, Gouda Sliced, and Carpathian Kashkaval. We undoubtedly love European dairy products. And that is why we straightforwardly want to share them with others. Daily, we import the finest milk delicacies from the Old Continent. In our opinion, European foods taste just better. And if not better, then at least positively different. Of course, we love cheeses at all. So, on our pages, you can find Romanian, Polish, and Greek ones. Ones made of goat and cow milk as well. Undoubtedly, if you are a fan of dairy specialties, you will love our stock! Luckily, all of those tasty dairy victuals can be at your door even the next day!

Polish food online store offers yellow cheese from Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Denmark

Yellow cheese is an obvious choice for everyone who wants to be healthy. Yes, we know it is quite caloric. However, used responsibly will provide your body with lots of valuable nutrition. These can be, for example, proteins and calcium. Thanks to this, dairy prevents osteoporosis and many other ailments. Besides, it protects the teeth against the formation of caries and the build-up of tartar. Also, it causes a slower demineralization rate. Be it Hungarian Gouda or Polish Rycki. Undeniably, all of them work for us this way. Further, a less known feature of these delicacies is the production of serotonin and improvement of well-being. Do we still need to convince anybody about the advantages of cheese? Surely not! Check out the ones that you can find in our offer. In addition to all the above, they come from a healthy and environmentally friendly European production process.