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Romanian food deli, pork liver pate, kielbasa, pork and beef sausage salami

Romanian food deli is a unique mix of many traditions. National cuisine from this Carpathian country developed under the influence of many nations and cultures with which it had contact over the centuries. When it comes to meat and romanian cold cuts, the most popular here are Romanian ham, dry pork sausages, sarmale cabbage rolls, and slanina. The inhabitants of the Carpathian mountains are mainly shepherds. That is why their menu could not be complete without healthy Carpathian goat cheese, kashkaval (cow milk cheese), and sheep feta cheese. However, this land has never been rich. For these reasons, its national cuisine contains a lot of vegetable dishes and salads. The ones that should definitely be mentioned are yellow bean pods in brine, vine leaves, vegetable spreads, and baked beans with paprika. And also vegetarian cabbage rolls. An important part of the culinary culture of this country is corn meals. This place is a real paradise for vegetarians and vegans.

Romanian food deli store from Brooklyn, cakes and sweets, halva, plum butter, corn puffed sticks

Romanian food deli is also known from its original confectionery. Unlike in other countries, here the romanian sweets are very often just fruit preserves or sweetened vegetable products. Usually, it is just sweetened regular food. The perfect example in this matter is halvah with cacao and sunflower. Other types of regular food being candies are raspberry syrup, sour cherry syrup, and blueberry syrup. And also blackcurrant, apricot and blackberry preserve confitures. Rarely, nuts play the role of Romanian candies. For example, walnuts in confiture. And as we mentioned before, corn is a very important ingredient of Carpaths’ people’s diet. It is also used to make sweets. Pufuleti gusto corn crisps and corn puffed sticks are famous snacks imported from there. Moreover, this region is famous for its apricot jam, walnut puree, and plum butter. All of those products are present in our web store.

Traditional Romanian cuisine dishes in a wide selection

Mamalyga and polenta are dishes that accompany Romanians practically from breakfast until dinner. It is a country where you eat simple, caloric, but very tasty. And no wonder, because in the mountainous regions of Europe you surely need strength to climb. It is also a country strongly associated with sheep grazing. The pastoralism is reflected not only in the Romanians' lifestyle. You can find it in their daily rhythm and their meals as well. Therefore, slightly different than in Polish Food deli or Hungarian Food deli, in Romanian cuisine, we can find a lot of dairy courses. These can be, for example, Carpathian Sheep Cheese, Carpathian Goat Cheese, or Carpathian Kashkaval. We can use them both for a daily snack and for preparing larger meals. It is also a cuisine that has been significantly influenced by other nations. Regularly, Romanian meals appear under different names in neighboring countries. In as distant places, as Turkey, too.

Carpathian meats and cold cuts, tasty, wholesome, and suitable for the barbecue

Romanians, like Americans, love to grill. They produce a large part of the meat precisely to place it on the roast. Be it Romanian Style Pork Sausages, Salami, or Brand Pork. All these European cold cuts are perfect for this purpose. In general, people from this country prepare their meals in an uncomplicated way. But in quite fat and full-bodied at the same time. Besides, the local menu usually includes a wide selection of soups, starters (zakuska, kashkaval, branza), and desserts. For many years, people have been practically eating only slightly seasoned meat dishes there. But for some time now, you can find vegetarian dishes on the Carpathian menu as well. It can be, for example, Vegetable Pate, Baby Pickles Vegetarian Style, or Pickled Cabbage Heads. Fruit and delicacies made from them are also a meaningful part of the Carpathian diet. These can be Blackberry Preserves Confiture, Romanian Dried Fruits, and Dough Cookies.

Why is it worth trying Romanian delicacies, meals, and dishes?

Well, because, first and foremost, it is simple and wholesome food. Many Romanian recipes have not changed over the centuries. Based on the idea that foods should be simple, easy to prepare, and nutritious. Moreover, local folks attach a great effort to make their meals flavorful. It is a crucial thing there. Same as high-calorie meals. Indeed, Romanians eat courses rich in fat but tasty. Food traditions in the Carpathians survived even the strenuous years of communism. Every visitor can see that a deeply rooted animal breeding culture affects the Romanians' lifestyle. Besides, it sets their daily rhythm. And the same is with their meals. Carpathian cuisine is the essence of the country's rough beauty. Anyone who likes simple but healthy and filling food should undoubtedly browse this category in our store. Indeed, the stock presented here is a genuine taste of time. These are meals, dishes, and victuals unique of their kind. They will undeniably taste extraordinary.

The highlights of Carpathian culinary culture

Romanian cuisine is full of delicious and thick soups. They usually get you on your feet and are enough for a whole dinner. Also, the inhabitants of the Carpathians straightforwardly love a barbecue. Pieces of pork, poultry, and fish go straight on the grate. They grill practically any kind of food. Romanian cuisine specializes in warm desserts as well. The most beloved sweet dishes are pancakes with preserves, cheese, and honey. Typically, folks visiting the country always mention them most positively. Out there, all these delicacies you can buy almost on the street. Indeed, delicious cold cuts, pies, confectionery are at your fingertips there and very cheap. However, right now, we import many of those victuals for you. Undoubtedly, among our stock at Fabko online store, everyone can find what Carpathian culinary culture can offer at its best. Be it baked puffs pastry layers, Transylvanian baby pickles, or ajvar with roasted peppers.

Check out our delicious South European courses at home

The dishes of Southern Europe and the Balkans are, above all, a cuisine very much influenced by other nations. It should not be a surprise that you can find Romanian meals under separate names in neighboring countries. And also in those a bit further away like Turkey. Romanians usually prepare their foods with simplicity. And those are undeniably fatty and filling. On the local menu, you will customarily find a wide selection of soups, meat dishes, and desserts, but also appetizers. Undoubtedly, a few years ago, local cuisine was much meatier, and cooks used fewer spices. Indeed, even to the extent that the dishes were quite bland. Nowadays, it is much easier to find well-spiced, vegetarian courses there. You can easily see that Carpathian cuisine has opened up to new trends. And because of this, it has become more attractive and more willingly imported by people in other countries. The fact that it remains natural and healthy is also a significant factor.

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Fabko online store is the place on the internet to find delicious food from Europe and not only. For over 20 years, we have been importing and selling delicacies from countries across the Ocean as Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Germany. We focus on well-known and appreciated dishes, familiar and less familiar, but always delicious. We want our customers to get to be acquainted with European cuisine through our assortment. And its specialties as well. That is why we offer fresh products as well as tinned foods and spices. The cuisine of the Old Continent is also famous for its naturalness and selection of original flavors. This is what we want to share with our customers. And we do it fast. Indeed, we deliver our assortment quickly to almost every corner of the United States. And what is more, it always arrives fresh. Wait no longer and order them now.

Branza de Burduf, Romanian sheep cheese

Branza de Burduf is a Romanian salty cheese made from sheep's milk. It has an intense aroma and delicate texture. This dairy delicacy originates from southeastern Transylvania and is one of the most recognizable products of this region. Folks living in Carpaths make Branza de burduf using only natural methods. Indeed, without the addition of preservatives. The sheep's milk, maturing for the assigned period, reaches the form of cheese under the influence of heat. Then, small pieces of the ready product are handmade in a wooden tub and placed in cleaned sheep stomachs. Or sheepskins or tubes of pine bark. This process allows us to consume this European cheese even if we keep it for a long time. The ones stored in pine bark acquire a specific pine resin flavor and aroma. Undoubtedly, Branza is dairy victual for the determined gourmets. Mainly because the way of its preparation may seem controversial to many. For others, however, it will turn out another hit.

Cozonac, Romanian sweet sourdough bread

Cozonac is an original Romanian sweet leavened bread. Its preparation remains a tradition in Southeastern Europe, mainly Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, and Macedonia. This kind of bread is rich in eggs, milk, and butter. In addition, it is a traditional dish for Easter and every major holiday in Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria. The name comes from the Bulgarian word for hair. However, the origins of this delicacy date back to ancient Egyptian times. Worshippers of the god Ra filled it with seeds and sweetened it with honey. From the Egyptians, the tradition went over on the Greeks, who, in turn, added raisins and walnuts to it. Later, the Romans added fruits and utilized Cozonac as a regular offering for their gods. Indeed, as masters of baking, the Romans exploited the resting potential in this bread to the maximum. It was then that Konzonac took its current shape and became a delicacy in the European part of the empire.