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Bende Apricot Butter 27.5 oz 780g
Apricot Butter, *Barack Lekvar*. Like homemade. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. 27.5 oz (780g), Product of Hungary 
Bende Forest Berries Jam 12oz/340g
Forest Berries Jam, *Erdei Vegyesgyumolcs*. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. 12 oz (340g), Product of Hungary
Bende Raspberry Jam 12oz/340g
Raspberry Jam No artificial preservatives Colors or flavors Product of Hungary 
Bende Sour Cherry Jam 12oz/340g
Sour Cherry Jam No artificial preservatives Colors or flavors Product of Hungary 
BENDE Strawberry Jam 12oz/340g
Strawberry Jam No artificial preservatives Colors or flavors Product of Hungary 
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Jams / preserves

Preserves and Raspberry Jams. Hungarian and Romanian Food, online store.

Jams and preserves have become a European food tradition. In many less urbanized parts of the Old Continent, a large part of the population still prepares them, jars them, and keeps them in a cellar. They are known and liked by both children and adults. Their very typical packaging is a jar with which they are most associated in this part of the world. Poles, Hungarians, or Czechs most often make raspberry preserves and also blackcurrant, strawberry, cranberry, green walnut, blackberry, and blueberry. Europeans produce them from fresh fruit and vegetables, which makes them extremely tasty and retains more vitamins. Apart from that, they are usually low-sugar, unpreserved but often pasteurized products. Moreover, for example, Poles specialize in confitures prepared from a few kinds of fruit combined. The most delicious combination is a mix of sweet and sour, for example, currants, and apricots. Many of them, despite the demanding preparation procedure, maintain mineral elements and soluble fiber.

Jams and preserves, tasty, wholesome. A perfect substitution for sweets

Jams and preserves are healthy and fashionable. Across the ocean, you can buy them, but many Old Continent inhabitants prepare them themselves. Thanks to this, even factory production does not differ much from home production. Eastern Europe is particularly fond of Polish Strawberry Jams. They produce them from fruits such as plum, strawberry, currant, blackberry, apricot, forest berry, rosehip, and bitter cherry. They are usually used in sandwiches such as Plum Low Sugar Spread, Polish Style Strawberry Spread, or Romanian Cranberry Spread. But on the Fabko online store website of you can also find other preserves. There are Romanian Chestnut Puree, Moldavian Green Walnut Preserve, Natural Wild Lingonberry Sauce, and Romanian Green Walnut in Syrup too. And also Cranberry Confitures. They will be perfect especially in the autumn and winter season when the choice of fruit is small. Children will well accept them. High-quality confitures remain not only a quick dose of energy but also a dose of vitamins.