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Bacik Balkan Style Vegetable Salad 30oz/850g
Natural ingredientsNo preservatives addedNo artificial flavors or colorsReady to serve
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Bacik Cucumbers in Brine Style / Kiszone z Beczki 700g/24oz
Cucumbers in brine All Natural No Preservatives Added
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Bacik Greek Style Salad 30oz/850g
Natural ingredientsNo preservatives addedNo artificial flavors or colorsReady to serve
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Bacik Marinated Red Peppers(900g/31oz)
Sweet Red Peppers Imported from Poland No preservatives added.
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Bacik Polish Dried Fruits Mix 200g/7oz
All Natural Dried Fruits Mix Product of Poland
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Bacik Sauerkraut with Carrots 900g/31oz
All Natural No Preservatives Added Product of Poland
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Bacik Shredded Red Beets , Buraczki Cwiklowe, 900g/31oz
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Polish Food

Polish food deli, famous pierogi, bigos, headcheese, kabanosy, and golonka

Looking for a delicious Polish food deli? You are in the right place! Polish meats and cold cuts are really one of the famous foods in Europe. Each tourist, whoever visited this country has been truly delighted with those flavors. His memories usually go to smoked cooked bacon rolls (boczek zawijany), headcheese (salceson), and cooked pork hocks (golonka wieprzowa). Many people mention also smoked polish sausage, pork fatback (slonina), and sandwich-style ham. In the country on the Vistula River, meat comes in many versions and variations. It may be cooked and be the main dish with potatoes and for example, cucumbers in brine. But more often it is a part of another dish. You can find it in the soup – just like bean stew, beef tripe soup (flaki), or polish sour soup (zurek). You can find it even as stuffing in the stuffed cabbage (golabki). Finally, It may be also a tasty spread for sandwiches – just like paprikash with salmon.

Regional Polish food deli online, tasty salads, and nutritious soups

Polish food deli is first of all very natural. The meat does not contain water or preservatives. It is also prepared according to even ancient recipes. The dishes are full of calories but also especially delicious. There are many names unambiguously associated with polish cold cuts, meals, and courses. There are, among the others hunter sausage (kielbasa mysliwska), kabanosy, bigos, and of course – famous pierogies. But Poles love not only meat. They also love soups and salads. We have mentioned about zurek (sour soup). But the selection of polish soups at Fabko online store is much wider. You can find here a white borsch (barszcz), pea soup (grochowka), boletus soup, or broccoli soup. And when talking about salads, we can’t help but mention such vegetable courses, like marinated champignon, vegetarian sauerkraut stew with mushrooms and shredded red beets. Vegetables and marinated dishes as additives are no less important in the Polish menu than the meat itself.

Why are polish cousine products worth trying?

For many delicious reasons, but the most important is one – because it is just healthy food. Nowadays, we often have only a little time to prepare a proper dinner. Finished products straight from the Fabko online store will be a great way to have a quick and healthy meal at the same time. Most of them, such as Polish Bigos, Sauerkraut Stew with Mushrooms, Pickles or White Beans in Tomato Sauce, need only to be heated. And of course, seasoned as desired. The manufacturers prepared them according to local formulas. Some recipes are even hundreds of years old! Our assortment includes typical dishes from Eastern Europe, such as Polish Pierogi, as well as those less known, but no less tasty. There are no harmful preservatives in our meals. All substances that extend the life of food are of natural origin. The manufacturers usually pack them in jars, so the packaging doesn’t have any effect on their original taste.

Polish food deli, ready and wholesome

Central and Eastern Europe are regions that are famous for their simple yet delicious and healthy food. In many parts of Poland, Romania, and Hungary, food is still naturally produced and preserved. We created Fabko online store precisely to deliver it practically to any place on the map of the USA. In Europe, you can find our deli in the stores selling healthy, ecological, and regional food. Small rural or organic farming companies did produce the majority of the articles presented on our website. Rarely – large factories. It is a guarantee of their taste, natural composition, and the absence of artificial colors or preservatives. Our products are also precisely described, including their ingredients, preparation, and storage. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our taste offer. If you like something, or you want to get to know the flavors of other regions, you can easily order the product from us with home delivery.

There is more polish products in all other store categories. This category shows only few examples.

Most popular dishes of Polish cuisine that americans frequently choose

Both Americans and guests from all over the world do appreciate Polish food deli. Which courses do they like best? Polish pierogies, of course! This delicacy is by far the most appreciated of them. Be it potato & cheddar pierogies, potato & cheese, or sauerkraut & mushroom variety. Each of them is a meal most often chosen by tourists visiting this country in the center of Europe. And there is nothing odd about it because those dumplings are simply delicious, wholesome, and very filling at the same time. The second traditional Polish meal usually chosen by foreigners is hunter stew (bigos). It is sauerkraut stew with mushrooms, which at first may discourage to itself with its intense smell and appearance. But the moment later, it impresses with its taste. Eating bigos is almost a must-see when visiting Poland. The most important thing is to prepare it according to tradition.

Polish food deli offers delicatessen from the faraway land of Kosciusko and Pulaski

It is no different with soups, which may be bizarre courses for many foreigners. Probably the most amazing is the Polish cucumber soup. It is because, in the West, pickled cucumber is not a vegetable that you usually use to prepare such a dish. But only until you try it, of course. A similar situation occurs with sour soup (żurek). It is a dish of Old Polish cuisine. With a very long and noble tradition. Poles prepare it with a sourdough made of wholemeal flour. They cook it with mushrooms and serve it with potatoes, diced sausage, and hard-boiled egg. Poles traditionally eat żurek at Easter. Of course, red borscht could not be missing here. It is another traditional Christmas dish, but not only that. As a delicious beetroot soup for foreigners, it remains quite a surprise as well. It can also charm with its color and consistency. Of course, only for the first spoon.

Renowned Polish food online in the US, pierogis, bigos, and hunter's stew on your table

Buy Polish food online in the US at the Fabko store! Fortunately, now you can have the best that Polish cuisine has to offer in no time. Just check out our offer and enjoy pierogis, hunter's stew, or bigos. All these delicacies may be yours immediately too. How to do it? Just go to our website and order what you like. The rest is up to us. We deliver our stock to almost anywhere in the US. Therefore, there is no need to travel far to get some gourmet, cold cuts, or meat from Central Europe. Effortlessly place your order and enjoy our selection even in hours. At Fabko, we aim to provide our customers with the best dishes and courses of European cuisine. Clearly, all our products were prepared overseas from original ingredients. We import them to ensure that our customers experience their original flavors. Now, you can be among our satisfied shoppers as well. Check us out!

Polish food online in the US, why is it such a good option?

Our Polish food online in the US is the finest and accurate selection of tasty nourishments. We offer both the most famous local dishes and more unique ones as well. However, not less tasty and delicious. Among our products, you can find cabbage rolls, dumplings, and Polish pancakes. Moreover, our offer contains sweets and candies. They can be, for example, 'Ptasie Mleczko,' 'Delicje,' or 'Prince Polo.' All of those are patiently waiting on our shelves. Of course, this is only a beginning. Moreover, we have the finest groceries, bakery, and even drinks too. And why do we sell them online? Because it is the best way to reach the largest possible group of customers. Now, to you as well! Furthermore, we provide our clients with convenient payment methods and unquestionably fast shipping. Therefore, if you fancy some delicious Polish food deli, Fabko is one of the friendliest and comprehensive options. Undeniably, you should not wait any longer.

Delicacies, victuals, and specialties of Polish cuisine online

With our specialties, you will get to know the richness of Polish cuisine. Red borscht, Russian dumplings, Żurek with white sausage - these are just some of the delicious traditional dishes. These meals may be caloric, but they are simply tasty as hell. Courses from this country are famous for their deep, rich taste and natural ingredients. Typical here are primarily grain-based dishes as groats and bread. There are also a variety of flour dishes such as dumplings, noodles, soups, and sauces. A relevant part of Poles' menu is also fruits, mushrooms, nuts, or herbs. You can often find them as ingredients of the most famous dishes and sauces. But without a doubt, meat has a special place in the local food culture. To this day, Poland is one of the largest meat exporters in Europe. Undeniably, the gourmets consider the cold cuts from Chopin's homeland as one of the best in the world. Try them, and you will see for yourself.

Fabko online store, a website where you can find imported European groceries

We have been in the business of importing food products from Europe for more than two decades. We are fans of cuisine from the Old Continent ourselves. And we want to share our passion for pierogi, bigos, and borsch with our customers. That is why we have the knowledge needed for careful selection of those products. Products which we know they will delight with their taste. And also those about which we know that they are healthy. Anyone who tried Polish cold cuts and meat at least once knows that it is an unforgettable experience. With Fabko, nothing stands in the way of having it regularly. All you have to do is to choose from our assortment what you find most interesting. Our robust search engine will help you. We deliver our sausages, sweets, or drinks even to the farthest areas of the US. And our shipping is as fast as possible. Indeed, Customer satisfaction is the most important thing here.

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W razie dodatkowych pytań w sprawie naszej oferty proszę pisać lub dzwonić- mówimy po polsku :) 

Pierogi from Poland, meet one of the most popular European delicacies

You say Poland, you think pierogi. It is an indisputable fact. Undoubtedly, it is a dish immediately associated with Chopin's homeland. They arouse the undying admiration of foreigners, who dream of bringing them to their own countries. Undoubtedly, they are among the most appreciated Polish dishes. Undeniably, it is excellent in its simplicity, traditional dish. Here, at Fabko online store, you can buy them anytime. Although they are Chinese discovery, it was in Central and Eastern Europe where they acquired the flavor and aroma that we like so much. And there they came from Italy. What delights most about them is the richness of their types and flavors. Poles mostly like those with meat. These, filled with beef or poultry, are not only delicious but also a very filling dish. The ones with cabbage and mushrooms, in turn, are one of several Christmas Eve dishes in Poland. However, Poles would mention probably filled with onion, cheese, and potatoes Ruskie dumplings as their favorite dish.

Imported Polish bigos, a taste of Central-East Europe

Bigos is the second most popular dish in the country on the Vistula River. Also, foreigners have appreciated the mix of fresh cabbage, several types of meat, and sausage. Besides, it is delicious and easy to prepare from sauerkraut with pork or dried mushrooms. Just like pierogi, it is a traditional dish in Poland. It is hard to imagine many local holidays without it. Thanks to our offer, you can find out how both the standard Polish bigos and its vegetarian variety taste. We have no doubt you'll love it. It is also good practice to pour wine over it when heating. Undoubtedly, it will guarantee the indigenous taste experience. If you don't like dishes with a lot of meat, we recommend a vegetarian version. You will see that it is not much inferior to the original variety. Undeniably, Polish bigos, together with bread, is a good idea for both an appetizer and a snack.