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Herrings & Fish

Mackerel Fillets and Herring Fillets. Polish food, online grocery store.

Herrings and fish are some of the main dishes in Europe. Most of the Old Continent’s countries have an extensive coastline and access to the sea. Therefore, in ancient times, Europeans were known for their outstanding fishing skills. And it is no other today. They still catch the healthy fish from the waters of the Adriatic, Baltic and, North Sea. And now they can also find their way to your table. At Fabko online food store, we offer the best sea treasures from across the Ocean. There are Smoked Baltic Herrings, Tuna Pate, Cod Liver, and Mackerell Fillets in tomato sauce, among others. Our assortment in this category is really broad. We also offer Soup from Sturgeon, Polish Paprikash Szczecinsky with salmon, Sprat In Tomato Sauce, and Matias. All these delicacies are sealed in canned food, thanks to which they can reach your home fresh and delicious.

Mackerels, Herrings and fish salads from Poland, Sardines in Vegetable Oil, or Tuna Chunks in Vegetable Oil

Herrings and fish on our pages are also the dishes made from them. Over the centuries, Europeans have learned to use virtually every part of this animal and to cook it deliciously. They have achieved true mastery in utilizing the gifts of the sea. These can be, for example, Goulash Soup From Sturgeon, Mackarell Salad Spicy, or Smoked Peppered Herring Fillets. Eating seafood has a very positive effect on our bodies. First of all, thanks to the omega-3 acids they contain, they protect our circulatory system. Besides, these acids protect eyesight and prevent brain aging, and dementia. Furthermore, they allow you to avoid rheumatoid arthritis and protect against allergies. Also, important for diets, they are delicious, filling, and low in calories. Their meat will be a great substitute for any other type of meat or cold cuts. Specialists emphasize that the protein in seafood is as valuable as the protein of slaughter animals and is easily digestible.