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Dry pork sausages, grocery store

Dry pork sausages and dehydrated foods are a kind of specific tradition overseas, which resulted out of necessity. Long ago, when there were no refrigerators yet, drying was one of the best ways to extend the food shelf life, along with salting. People found out that exposure to the sun allows food to be preserved without losing its flavor. It was especially useful for the meats and cold cuts. Polish kabanos, Sremska kobasica, or dry hunter's sausage are the effects of this drying tradition. Over the centuries, this technique has developed significantly, which is why dry and smoked pork link sausage, hot and dry pork link, and Romanian dry pork taste so delicious. These types of meat preservation have countless advantages. First of all, the evaporation of water means that bacteria that spoils food has nowhere to grow. Moreover, a properly carried out drying process allows the intense flavor of the meat to be saved for a long time.

Dried sausages from Hungary, Romanian sausages and Polish kabanosy

Dried foods are, first of all, natural foods, also for meats. We have already mentioned good taste preservation. However, what is very important for this process is also the fact that it causes virtually no loss of nutrients. Other food transforming processes, such as cooking or baking, cause the waste of vitamins, proteins, and fiber. In the case of drying, these losses are very slight. That is why it is such a renowned technique in the production of cold cuts. But not only of them. This is a much more useful transformation. We can apply it to vegetables, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms. Besides, in European kitchens, these products are often considered delicacies. Moreover, the efficiency of this process means that no additional preservatives are needed. Thus, the food prepared in this way is primarily natural and healthy. Thanks to it, we can also buy instant products, such as pasta, flour, cocoa, coffee, and even milk.

There is nothing like European meats and cold cuts

Everybody who tries them at least once will agree. Indeed, products from across the Ocean simply have that something. Be it Polish Village Sausage, Dry Juniper, or Romanian Hot Pork Sausage. Undeniably, they all taste just like homemade victuals! And no wonder, because there has been a culinary tradition of drying meat in Central Europe for ages. One of them is so-called "mature" hams, meat products that are dried but not smoked. It is, moreover, a very manageable way to make a tasty meal. Undoubtedly, pork and beef are best suited for processing cold cuts this way. However, tenderloin, pork loin, and lean ham are also good options. Everybody knows that dry foods are tasty, aromatic, and have a high protein content as well. They will work both as a snack or as an addition to many dishes. Still in doubt? Order now our Polish Kabanosy, Garlic Pork Sausage, or Smoked Beef, and see for yourself!

Why do we recommend Hungarian smoked meats, Polish dried sausages, and Bosnian Suche Meso?

First of all, because they are natural products. We do not need any preservatives, dyes, or artificial ingredients for this process. It's easy and uncomplicated - what we dry is we get. It is, moreover, the most natural possible way to extend the shelf life of any food. We receive the primary product, but with a naturally sweeter/salty taste. That is the effect of bringing the water out of it. And what is most important, the dried meats retain quite a lot of minerals and vitamins. These are mainly nutrients that habitually do not have a high resistance to high temperatures. Those are, among others, vitamin K and many from the B group: B6, B12, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, and biotin. Vitamin D, C, and pantothenic acid remain slightly less in amounts, but always. Useful natural dyes and antioxidants in large numbers prevail as well. Delicious and healthy, could anything be better than European meat?