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Fresh juices can be a very valued supplement to our diet. Undeniably, they contain many vitamins and minerals. If the manufacturer prepared them from good quality fruits and vegetables, they could be a real 'vitamin bomb.' Unfortunately, the ones that we usually find on the supermarket's shelves are not. Increasingly, manufacturers produce drinks with a significantly reduced fruit content. To make it worse, they use syrups more and more often. That is why we have decided to add these types of cold drinks straight from Europe to our offer. On our pages, you will find, among others, GeoHills Total Berry 100% Juice or 'Kubus Go' with carrot, peach, and apple. Each of them is an excellent example of a high-value fruit product. And also high in vitamins and nutritional values. Besides, they will help lower cholesterol and have a positive effect on digestion and bowel function. Thanks to them, you can avoid even severe diseases as atherosclerosis or heart attack.

Fresh bottled juices, European drinks, online grocery store

Why our fresh juices straight from the Old Continent are such a good option? Principally because they are not only tasty but, first of all, wholesome. Generally, products of this type in Europe contain more vitamins and less sugar and artificial additives. The fruits from which their producers have prepared them, in turn, grow in natural conditions, enjoying the sun. Indeed, all this together makes fruit products and syrups imported from across the ocean unmatched. Be it Lemon Syrup or Elderflower Lemon Syrup. You can tell the difference at once. That is why these articles are an important and constantly expanding offer in our online store. Now you also can use it. No matter if you like 100% or soluble versions more. Undeniably, at Fabko online store, you can always find what you fancy at the moment. Buy them for yourself or make a surprise for your family. Be our guest, and feel free to browse.

Juices from Poland, carrot, peach, apple ones, syrups

Tomato juice is a proven way to lose weight and relieve hangover symptoms, among other things. It strengthens the immune system and lowers cholesterol levels. It also regulates digestion and improves eye functions. This kind of drink has many health properties and nutritional values. And, at the same time, it is low in calories. Therefore, it is worth reaching for it regularly. Our Moldovian Tomato Juice consists of up to 99 percent vegetables! Indeed, the only additions here are salt and sugar. Thanks to vitamin C and vitamin A, this product has a beneficial effect on the immune system. It is also a source of lutein and beta carotene. Thanks to those, the drink has a protective effect on eyesight. In addition, it has a wholesome influence on the digestive system, aids digestion, regulates intestinal function. It also benefits the skeletal system, strengthens bone tissue, and improves hair condition. It will work well for your whole family!

European syrups are bold in vitamins and nutrients

It is also worth checking out the syrups present in our offer. They are a proper way to enjoy the taste of European fruits longer. We should dilute those products with water. Then we can prepare them as we wish - hot or cold. Syrups are a great addition to desserts and drinks. Those can be pudding, cocktails, ice cream, drinks, and beer. Of course, we should remember that they are usually highly sweetened. It is why our advice is to drink them in moderation. It is best to add a little bit to the water you drink every day to diversify its taste. And, at the same time, provide your body with a portion of vitamins and nutrients. Lemon syrups and the elderflower one are the appropriate examples. Tasty, aromatic, and wholesome. They are undoubtedly a source of health and intriguing flavor. Plus, with water, they'll be great as a drink with any meal.