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Hungarian Sweets and Candies.

Hungarian sweets are appreciated not by kids only. They are a real feast for the palate and the heritage of the centuries-old tradition of making sweets. Each region of the Old Continent presents his unique confection. Even chocolate wafers, oatmeal cookies or dark chocolate taste differently depending on the country they come from. Now you will also have the opportunity to find out and compare it! offers a wide stock of sweet and not only delicacies mainly from Eastern Europe. These include dough cookies with plum filling, raspberry biscuits, and croissant with chocolate cream filling. It can be stated that the Old Continent directly specializes in the production of sweets. Czech lentilky, Balaton Hungarian chocolate cookies, and twisty pistachcio can also be added to the very popular examples of local specialties. And that is not the end of this list at all. On our web site, you can discover many more flavors of goodies from across the sea.

European sweets, Polish chocolate marshmallows, Czech animal crackers and Romanian crisps

But European sweets are not bland chocolate flavors only. The nations of the Old Continent can equally make delicious salty snacks. A significant example is salted sticks (tycinky) famous Czech food, crunchies, corn puffed sticks, and crisps (chrupky). These are both sweets and delicious snacks. Chips are also very popular there - cheese chips, paprika chips or salted ones. Moreover, a comparatively commonplace type of sweets there are those made of dried fruit. These can be, for example, peanut dragees, chocolate-covered banana minis, and, of course, halva with sunflower seeds. On the other hand, during the holiday season, they eat a lot of gingerbread cookies, nougat wafers, and sesame seed bars. Our offer also includes the most popular tucks directly associated with a specific European country. These are, for example, the Czech Horalky (chocolate bars), Polish Delicje (biscuits with jelly), and Hungarian zserbo (walnut and apricot layered cake).

Health, energy and pleasure. But less on sugar

While eating lots of candies is unhealthy and can make you fat, even those on a strict diet sometimes crave something sweet. Fortunately, even when we want to eat healthily, we do not have to give up eating sweets at all. However, to be fit, we must choose those made of the most natural and nutritious ingredients. European sweets do not contain as much sugar as their counterparts from other parts of the world. And what is more, they have been prepared mostly from ingredients of natural origin. Czech Ginger Cake with Apple Cinnamon, Hungarian Cereal Cookies, or Soy Bars can be tasty and simultaneously provide many useful vitamins. In the Old Continent, sugar is only an addition to unusual aromas and exotic flavors. And many of the local sweets derive their composition from medieval and even earlier recipes. If we consume them in moderate amounts, they will decidedly provide us with a lot of energy and pleasure.

Hungarian food deli, unusual treats and flavors that You have never met before

Considering the broad range of our products in this category, selecting them for yourself can be quite a challenge. You will find here Polish Truffles in Chocolate with Rum, Hungarian Herbal Candies, or Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate. Our delicacies are to look in vain for harmful artificial sweeteners, flavors, or saturated fatty acids. Usually, the small, home factories did prepare a large part of them. Many are also local treats. Like, for example, Square Cake Wafers, Salty Sticks, Glucose Potato Bars, or Polish Crackers. Thanks to the Fabko online store, you can quickly and easily try all these, sometimes exotic, specialties. Romanian Food deli, Polish Food deli, and Romanian food deli are usually full of very special and rarely met flavors. So, the European sugars do not necessarily mean giving up a healthy diet. They can even be a good diversion. And will assuredly prove to be a tasteful (yes!) gift for family or friends.

Czech sweets, favored, beloved and famous

It is no exaggeration to assert that the candies from this country are unique. During the communist era, these products were frequently the target of expeditions from other countries of the Eastern Bloc, such as Poland, Romania, and Hungary. The legendary Studentska milk chocolate has by far been the most desirable delicacy. Currently, many of its intriguing, often seasonal releases are produced. In addition to the classic bitter one with raisins, nuts, and jelly beans, you can equally obtain versions with cherries, white or mixed. The second most popular Czech delicacy is the Lentilky chocolate dragees. For decades, they have surprised the palates with their extraordinary taste. For many Eastern Europeans, it is the nostalgic, remarkable taste of childhood. This crunchy chocolate filling is undeniable unforgettable. The delicious Margot coconut candy bar equally has an unusual taste and wholesome ingredients. It is a thick marzipan delicacy with coconut flakes drenched in cocoa mass. It is unequivocally a confectionery for connoisseurs who like boldly sweetened bars.

Candies from Slovakia, the land of delicious and indigenous snacks

Sweet delicacies associated with this country are, of course, in the first place the famous Horalky chocolate wafers. These are five-layered biscuits, the history of which dates back to 1952. Their recipe has not changed over the years. Thanks to this, we can presently enjoy their legendary taste as well. Habitually, people in this country more approve the wafers than bars. That is why there are a lot of their versions and varieties. Currently, we can purchase these fantastic products in four flavors. But Slovakia remains not only a land of palatable sweets but also a country with the perfect snacks. Comet Sheep cheese (Oblatky slané brynzové) and Dry Salty Sticks (slane tycinky) are also very popular there. You can encounter such types of products in almost every shop out there. Very often as additions to regular meals. For example, as appetizers or ordinary snacks. Besides, undoubtedly worth a recommendation are: puffed rice and golden biscuits.