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Czech milk chocolates.

Czech milk chocolates. Hungarian and Romanian Sweets Online Store.

Romanian chocolates, Hungarian jelly-filled candies, German coffee pralines, and Polish coconut bars

Czech milk chocolates and bars are some of the sweets which Europeans make the best. Especially central and eastern parts of the Old Continent are places where ones prepare them with care. Moreover, people from there, for decades, have developed a bold variety of delicious sweets made from milk and cocoa. Thanks to Fabko online store, you can try a fine selection of those. On our webpage, you can find Polish milk chocolate with raisins, peanuts, and hazelnuts. But also the ones with the raspberry filling, strawberry filling, or cherry filling. When speaking about the finest sweets, we also offer ones with cinnamon flavor and prune. And with orange granules and speculoos granules. But this is undoubtedly not all! In this section, you can find other fine cocoa sweets as well. Among them are German Cats' Tongues ('Katzenzungen'), gold coins, and Assorted Pralines. Do not waste any moment. Check and taste them all!

Polish dark chocolates Wedel, caramelized Hazelnuts, gingerbread, and gold truffles

Chocolates and cocoa products undoubtedly have a long tradition in the Old Continent. Some of its parts or places still have their unique products and recipes. Besides, there are companies there that have been synonymous with delicious chocolate for decades, like Milka. Luckily, one can also easily find these products on our website. Among others, those may be Milka Whole Hazelnuts, White Confection, Dark, or with raisins. At Fabko, you can also find chocolate from such European producers as Polish Wawel, Kopernik, German Storck, Czech Studentska, and Croatian Kras. And also Romanian Heidi, Belgian Maître Truffout, or Austrian Sir Charles. Now, you can have all of them. Thanks to our online store, you can buy chocolate bananas, covered marzipans, or marshmallows. Our entire stock comes to you straight from Europe. Of course, with keeping all the advantages of local products. Undoubtedly, they will be perfect for coffee, as a dessert, or as a sweet treat.

European confectionery and sweets

The Old Continent is the factual chocolate capital. It is where famous and even legendary brands operate. Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland are the countries we almost immediately associate the product with. But Poland and the Czech Republic are no worse. Especially since chocolate has long ceased to be produced only in bars. Now, it combines with various sweets. This is how delicacies such as Hazelnuts, Cherries, and Marshmallows in Chocolate are created. And also Gingerbread in Honey, Marzipan Candies, and Sunflower Cookies with Fruit Filling. At Fabko online store, we offer mainly delicious confections from Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic. But, of course, you will also find favored German confectionaries here. Milka, Heidi, Kinder, and Grabower - products of these brands are richly represented at us. Just like the Polish Wedel, Kopernik, Mieszko, and Jutrzenka. And also Croatian Kras or Czech Orion. This is a broad collection of chocolate sweets from Europe that will enchant your taste buds and your heart.

Why should you choose Fabko online store?

Our online store is where you can quickly and efficiently order good quality products from overseas. We offer not only chocolates and sweets. On our pages, you will find groceries, cold cuts, a bakery, dairy, and pastries as well. We have been importing food from Europe for over 20 years. During this time, our company has specialized in foods from European countries such as Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. And also Germany, Romania, the Balkans, and many more. Thanks to special packaging techniques, the products reach our customers intact. And it doesn't matter if you live on the East Coast or the West Coast. We deliver anywhere in the US. In more than a quarter of a century, we have cooperated with many satisfied customers. The reason for this is we always choose from European products tasty, healthy, and preferred ones. And because our customer's satisfaction has always been a priority for us.