Polish bakery goods, Bread and Pastries from Poland

Polish bakery goods, crispy bread from Poland, we offer tasty poppy seed rolls, and sweet cakes.

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Apricot Strudel Approx. 1 lb
Home Style Apricot cake
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Bacik Polish Dried Fruits Mix 200g/7oz
All Natural Dried Fruits Mix Product of Poland
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Bakalland Poppy Mass / Masa Makowa 850 g/30oz
Weight Poppy with nuts and raisins. Source of calcium, iron and fiber.
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Reduced price!
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Cheese Strudel Approx 1 lbs
Hand Made Farmer Cheese Strudel.
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Romanian Marble Sponge Cake
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Delecta Crispy Cake, Kruche 400g
Delecta Crispy Cake. Delicious, Quick, and Easy! 
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Polish bakery goods, Bread and Pastries

Polish bakery goods, crispy bread, tasty poppy seed rolls, and layered cakes. Online grocery store.

Our European bakery is a vast selection of all the delicacies baked for centuries in Europe. This is a field in which the nations of the Old Continent have achieved the championship. The Fabko online store in this category will provide you all the tastiest examples of this baking art. You can find sweet pastries like Polish mixed nut roll, nut & almond strudel, and Hungarian Dobos Torta. These are tasty, sweet, and aromatic cakes for which the peoples of the central part of the Old Continent are remarkable. We additionally offer Romanian Cozonac (sweet leavened bread), Hungarian homestyle poppy seed beigli, and Polish raisins babka (sweet cake). We guarantee that the flavors of these delicious pastries will not leave you for weeks. Or maybe you would like to make your sweet pastries? We serve all the necessary ingredients for this. On our website, you will find both instant cakes and ingredients: powdered sugar, poppy seed, and aromas.

Polish bakery, Hungarian buns, Baltic bread, and German rye mixed bread.

European bakery bread is famous for its crispness and extravagant taste. Bread from the Old Continent always attracted the attention of visitors and always gathered the most favorable opinions. No wonder. Europeans absolutely love bread. It accompanies them at most meals. Both during breakfast, lunch (usually with soups), and dinner. Besides, pastries from that part of the world are healthy and do not contain unnecessary sugar. This is the best example of simply delicious and wholesome calories straight from high-quality grains. Germany, for example, boasts the most comprehensive selection of bread in the world. It's accurate. The taste of their German rye mixed bread can delight. But for example, Hungarian style cheese buns (sajtos pogacsa) or baltic bread are not worse. Like Polish parboiled rye bread or Czech hand made knedliky. Our online service offers you fresh bread straight from across the ocean. And all the ingredients needed to make them at home.

Sweet pastries from Europe, great for breakfast and also as a snack or dessert

For some time now, less and less bread has been eaten all over the world. It has become infamous because many say it is caloric and unhealthy. What’s more, a popular trend is to prepare it from the deep-frozen dough, which may reduce its overall quality. In the USA, the toasted version is rather attractive. Fortunately, the traditions and recipes of preparing delicious pastries have survived on the Old Continent. We present their effects on the pages of our online store. These can be, for example, Baltic Bread, Parboiled Rye Bread, or Hungarian Style Cheese Buns. Apart from the fact that they taste great, they contain a lot of valuable nutrients. In a European way, they will also be a suitable addition to dishes from the Romanian food deli, Hungarian Food deli, and Polish Food deli categories. Bread is still an essential part of the alimentation of the peoples of the Old Continent.

Polish food deli offers quality products from Europe

The real specialty is the sweet versions of these pastries. Such as, for example, croissants, challahs, or baguettes. If we consume them in the right numbers and varieties, they can be both healthy and nutritious. Of course, the most wholesome is, traditionally, wholemeal bread, baked with wholemeal wheat, rye, or mixed flour. The flour used to bake such bread the Europeans grind only once. These types of baked goods also have a high content of B vitamins and vitamin E. They are rich in minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and magnesium as well. In turn, it is relevant for nutritionists because they can find a large amount of dietary fiber in those products. That is, an element of bakery goods that has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive tract. The articles that you can find on our website are also low in calories. Additionally, they have lower fat content and stay fresh for a long time.

Sweet and delicious treats may also be healthy

European baked goods and loaves of bread are the best proof that these delicacies can be healthy. For many years, just everyone has pointed out the inappropriateness of white bread in the human diet. Habitually, we treat European pastries and sweet goodies as an ocean of empty calories. However, it does not have to be like that at all! You can always choose Polish Cheese Strudel, Romanian Puff Pastry Layers, or German Pastry Cake. Thanks to Fabko online store, you can prepare those at home. And if you prefer ready-made baked goods, we can offer you Polish Fruit Cake Babka, gluten-free rice coconut cookies Kokosanki, and freckle cookies. Or German Dresden Butter Stollen, Mixed Nut Roll, and Polish Style Donuts with Plum Jam Filling. Poles, Hungarians, and Romanians rarely have a problem with obesity and overweight. Why? Because their confectionaries contain natural ingredients and sweeteners. Buying in our store, you can find out about it.

Check European ingredients, additives, and spices for your favorite cakes

Our offer is also an actual paradise for home cake makers. Indeed, you will find a wide variety of home baking ingredients. These can be, for example, Romanian Lemon Essence, Polish Wheat Flour, and Hungarian Cacao Powder. Or Arak Aroma, Yeats Instant, and German Cream Powder. We must also mention Gingerbread Spice, White Icing, and Vanilla Sugar. It is a comprehensive selection that will allow you to make virtually any sweet baking or pastry in your home kitchen. We also offer healthy dried fruits. Such as, for example, coconut shreds, prunes, and pitted apricots with ground poppy seeds. These yummy treats will make any of your baked goods taste great and smell beautiful. And it will also be simply much healthier. The absence of any detrimental or artificial substances among these components allows you to combine pleasure even with a demanding diet. Wait no longer and order them now!