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Bende Apricot Butter 27.5 oz 780g
Apricot Butter, *Barack Lekvar*. Like homemade. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. 27.5 oz (780g), Product of Hungary 
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Bende Sour Cherries with Rum 680g (24. oz)
Delicious Sour Cherries Compote flavored with rum.
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Sour cherry Compote, tasty Polish Food, online grocery store.

Compotes are the traditional fruit drinks made from cooked fresh or dried fruit. We classify them as a group of fruit preserves. In Central and Eastern Europe, you can spot them at the table in addition to almost every lunch. Poles and Ukrainians drink them traditionally drunk during holidays such as Christmas Eve. Particularly children love them due to their high content of sugar. On our website, the kids, and not only, will find Pitted Sour Cherry Compote and Blackcurrant Compote. As well as a broad range of other sweet fruit preserves such as Peach Halves in Light Syrup, Plum Halves in Light Syrup, and Apricot Butter. Preparing fruits in a simple but extremely practical way has a long tradition in Poland and Hungary. A technique that was aimed at extending their shelf life, over the centuries has resulted in such delicious treats as Blueberries in Jam, Blueberries in Syrup, and Plums in sweet marinade.

Blackcurrant compotes, syrups, and jams

Compotes for most Poles, Ukrainians, and Czechs are associated with childhood. With a view of grandma's cellar shelves, and dinners in canteens or milk bars. Well-made, from naturally sun-ripened fruit, it will provide us with many necessary ingredients that are best absorbed by our bodies. Compote moisturizes the body well. Furthermore, they also nourish and build valuable body fluids, including blood. Unlike raw juices or smoothies, they do not damage valuable digestive energy and do not introduce pathogenic moisture into the body. Why? Because you need to cook them. Sufficient production of blood and body juices ensures inner peace, allows you to relax and rest. Moreover, it ensures a healthy, regenerative sleep too. Poles, Hungarians, and Czechs still make these preserves using home methods. Thanks to methods such as pasteurization, even mass production does not lower the nutritional value of the preparation itself. We cordially invite you to find out for yourself.