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Polish ham online and delicious cold cuts made from polish pork

Polish ham online is one of the top quality products available at our store. We will not exaggerate if we claim that this kind of cold cut is a 'national meat' in Poland. Indeed, some say that Poland has the largest selection of these victuals in the world in general. Well, there are plenty of small manufacturers who make their versions. Undoubtedly, this is why there are so many unique flavors to taste. These could be, for example, Black Forest Style Ham, Home Style Smoked, or Old-Fashioned Smoked one. However, this is only an undeniably small part of the entire assortment which they produce there. Polish meat plants are conquering EU markets. It is worth adding here that they compete with the quality presented by Polish cold cuts. Thanks to Fabko online store, some of their products are now available in the US. All you need to do is order them here. See for yourself their extraordinary taste.

Polish ham online. So many flavors to taste

Polish ham online is a product whose advantages the world saw more than a half-century ago. Then, in the darkness of communism, Poland started to import Krakus. It quickly made a sensation in Anglo-Saxon countries. And at the same time, it has become a very desirable product also in the USA. Of course, also the other European countries do produce their hams. These can be, for example, German Brand Bologna, Hungarian Kotozott Sonka, or Bologna with Bell Peppers. However, the gourmets speak with one voice. The Polish one is simply the best. This phenomenon is primarily an effect of the long decades or even centuries of experience. But we also should call it the result of attachment to tradition and respect for nature and its fruits. Indeed, Poles put their whole heart into the production of their cold meats. Thanks to their hard work and commitment, the customers overseas can also enjoy the great taste of delicious Polish meat.

Polish cold cuts, online grocery store

Polish cold cuts are undoubtedly among those that Europeans, and not only them, buy the most willingly. What is the reason for this? First of all, good quality meat, no artificial additives, and aromatic spices. And also the fact that they are solidly and modernly packaged. This method of delivery to the customer already accounts for thirty percent of all local cold-cuts sales. Indeed, they are convenient to use, have a longer shelf life, and are a great sales channel. Thanks to these advantages, numerous vendors can import them even to the furthest parts of the world. Also, our Fabko online store provides these delicacies to its customers. Our assortment focuses on products from Eastern and Central Europe. Undoubtedly, these are the places where meat production is one of the most natural. That is why meats from these parts of the Old Continent stand out as exquisite. With our offer, you can try them in the US too.

Why is Polish Home Style Baked Ham that desirable around the world?

There are many answers to this question. Chiefly, Poles prepare it from good quality pork, veal, and beef. Additionally, they cure this kind of cold cut by adding a carefully selected blend of spices. Among the Polish hams and tenderloins, you will find many premium-class products. Local manufacturers produce them with the utmost care, using hand-selected meat. Polish hams, moreover, also lack the typical fillers (such as soy or wheat protein) and water saturation. Among their other positive features, we need to mention its high moisture, low sugar content, and natural appearance. Habitually, these meat products from Poland also contain high protein content and low-fat levels. Gourmets of these victuals always pay attention to the consistent color and texture of the loaf. The appropriately irregular shape means many to them as well. It indicates that the producer made it from a uniform piece of meat. The last but not most trivial feature is only natural casings.

Check the tasty and healthy victuals from Europe

Ham was originally meat from a preserved, dry or wet, pork leg. Utilizing smoking or not. However, also beef and poultry versions are now desirable in Europe. Their preservation methods themselves also offer many more options than ever. All this makes it possible to get lost in the choice of these products. Fortunately, on the pages of the online store Fabko you can find what is essential in this matter. Here are products that people have long considered natural and tasty on the Old Continent. And not groundless, because ham is one of the healthiest dishes we can find on the table. It is, first of all, a large amount of protein and fat. It is also a source of vitamins such as riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, thiamin, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Ham is also rich in minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium, zinc, and magnesium.

Meat specialties manufactured according to ancient recipes

Europeans are famous for their cold cuts. However, ham is definitely among the most beloved of them. The production of this delicacy has a long tradition on the Old Continent. The first techniques of preserving meat in this way date back to antiquity. Since then, salted pork has made a dizzying career in Europe. Very soon, drying and smoking became relevant additional methods of processing meat. They made the taste of ham even better. And it very quickly became a luxury and expensive commodity. Simultaneously, many regional alterations of this product have emerged. And the ways of their production and manufacture started to be handed down from generation to generation. Indeed, they became secrets. Fortunately, many of these recipes have endured to our times, and we can still enjoy them today. However, we have to keep in mind that ham remains a healthy meal as long as we eat very little of it.