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Bende Fustolt Karaj, Hungarian Style Smoked pork loin app. 0.9-1.2 lbs
Hungarian Brand Smoked Boneless Pork Loin, *Fustolt Karaj*, Ready to Eat, Vacuum Packed, Approximately 1 lb,
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Cold smoked pork tenderloin Approx.1 LB
Cold smoked and dried uncooked pork tenderloin. 
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Gypsy Style Smoked Pork Loin Approx.0 .8 -1.00 lb
Made of choice lean pork loins. Smokey flavor, delicate texture and dark cherry color is obtained through a slow smoking and cooking process. Perfect for sandwiches, salads and for buffet. Weight and price may slightly differ between individual packages. Priced per 1 lb
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Smoked Pork Loin - sopocka Approx 0.75-1 lbs
Perfect for sandwiches, salads and for the buffet. Vacuum packed 1 lb. Weight and price may slightly differ between individual packages.
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Polish smoked pork loin, online grocery store

Polish smoked pork loin are high-quality cold cuts that the Fabko online store offers you. And the next ones, which thanks to our online service, you can receive even tomorrow. Our offer includes such meat delicacies as Polish smoked pork tenderloin with pepper (poledwiczka), Gypsy style one, or famous Sopocka poledwica (named of Polish town Sopot). On our website, you will find meat products mainly from the central and eastern parts of the Old Continent. Why? Because the meats produced there have resisted the industrial methods of adding water to the meat, using large amounts of artificial ingredients and preservatives. Even meat processing plants in that part of the world proudly stick to centuries-old recipes, often passed down from generation to generation. And the factories are usually family businesses. The goal of our website is exactly to provide you with such wholesome, delicious, and reasonably priced food. Check us out for the current stock.

Smoked pork loins at your home

Polish smoked pork loin presented in our offer are extraordinary stuff. And they significantly differ from their American versions. Eastern and Central Europeans are devoted meat-eaters and, along with poultry and lamb, pork usually takes center stage. Almost every part of the livestock animal is eaten. Including even the intestines for sausage casings. This is primarily due to the respect for the animal and the difficult historical times for these regions when food was hard to get. Have you ever tasted these pork loins? No? So, you have to! Meat products from the Old Continent are sweeter and juicier than those you can purchase in the United States. You will undoubtedly sense the difference. And once you experience it, you won't want to eat any other cold cuts! Fortunately, our online service will never run out of them. 

Check our online store with cold cuts from Poland

In the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, pork loin is considered an exquisite delicacy. It is also one of the most popular types of meat there, partly because it does not require a long time to marinate or prepare. What is more, you can use it in many various ways as well. If you prepare it properly, it will be tender and juicy. Pork tenderloin is, in fact, a narrow lumbar muscle of very high quality. Its fine-fibrous structure makes the meat tender and easy to work with. Indeed, it is perfect for grilling, baking, frying, and stir-fry dishes. In addition, people from Poland or Hungary habitually use this kind of meat for steaks. However, it is suitable for quick meals too. So, if time is running out for you, use it without fear and replace it with other pieces of cold cuts. Indeed, many gourmets from the Old Continent put it into their sandwiches.

Order meat delicacies from Poland, Hungary, and Romania

Good loins have a juicy red color. They marinate fast, but one needs to prepare it just as quickly. As it is very lean meat, it is easy to dry it. There are hundreds of dishes in which the loin plays a leading role. And it will be not an overstatement to say that Europeans unquestionably love those. The most popular recipe for pork loin is to fry the meat on all sides in a hot frying pan and put it in the oven. Then, after taking it out, cover it with aluminum foil and set it aside for a minimum of ten minutes. As a result, the juices will evenly spread over the meat, making it juicy and crispy. If you want to see what this food straight from the Old Continent tastes like, order it now in our online store. You can be sure that the quality of our products will not disappoint you.

How can European meat improve your diet and health?

European meat has a lot of benefits for your health and diet. It contains less fat and more protein than meat from the US, Canada, or Australia. Undoubtedly, with local cold cuts, you can enjoy its advantages without compromising your health or the environment. We know the Old Continent for its well-manicured landscape. And that finds the reflection in the quality of its food products. Lots of farmers and livestock breeders produce high-quality food on a sustainable basis. Indeed, this is why people living overseas have some of the best and healthiest pork loins in the world. This is especially true for organic, grass-fed animals. Some health benefits of eating European products include improved digestion, decreased risk of heart disease, protection against cancer, and more protein in your diet. Their advantages are also many fitness blessings. It is also a good source of nutrients like zinc, iron, and proteins essential for your body.

Neatly packed and safely imported foods

You're probably wondering if it's possible to bring fresh meat and other products from Europe right to your door. Indeed, it is not easy, but at Fabko online store, it is what we do precisely. Herein, at us, everything always arrives fresh! And that's thanks to our special packaging techniques, the packaging itself, and the lightning-fast travel of the products you order. How does it work? We send our goods in special styrofoam containers. These contain gel pack ice and dry ice. Besides, we carefully collect all items using ziplock plastic bags or bubble sacks. Finally, we safely pack the items providing fast, mint delivery. Boxes are amply sized, and articles are well-protected. This is why our product range reaches every customer intact. And you can enjoy its taste almost immediately. What is also not without meaning, neither packaging nor shipping costs have a noticeable effect on the price of the products.