Dried Meat 

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Westphalian Ham approx 0.9 -1 lb
This prized ham originated in Northern Germany. Natural curing and smoking over real hardwood fires develop its distinctively smoky flavor. 
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Dried Meat

Dry Pork Sausages, cold cuts. Polish and Hungarian food store.

Dry pork sausages from Poland are really tasty and they will be perfect addition to your menu. The drying process has the advantage that it allows the flesh to remain longer fit for consumption. And to remain its high nutritional value too. The inhabitants of the Old Continent know it well. That is why you can find a lot of cured meat in their national cuisines. Among them, certainly worth mentioning are traditional dry & smoked pork butt's, hot dry pork link sausage, and smoked pork shoulder. Unlike, for example, cooking, drying meat does not expose it to high temperatures. And thanks to this, it does not lose valuable nutritional values and vitamins. Therefore, dried meats are simply healthier than processed ones. For this reason, add any artificial additives or preservatives to them, is redundant. As a consequence, these victuals are very easy to store and can serve as a packed lunch while traveling.

The European dried meat at Fabko online store. Tasty and crispy delicacies from the Old Continent

European dried meat has a long and proud tradition of production. Although the precursors in this method were North American Indians and South African peoples, Europeans have mastered it. That is why their hot porked link sausage, smoked pork shoulder, or Polish kabanosy possess such a remarkable taste. Furthermore, the undeniable merits of their manufacturing are excellent taste and indigenous aroma, as well as the finest quality of the raw material used for the drying process. Products from across the Ocean are known for their natural production techniques as well as the addition of delicious spices. All this adds up to their unique taste, which you will not find in the USA. Imported from Poland, Hungary, Germany, and Romania, our cured meat selections include the finest and top products. They are great for the festive table, both as a component of a course or a separate dish.

Dry and smoked pork shoulder, naturally wood smoked beef, and pork link sausages

Why is it worth consuming dried foods from Europe? And the meat in peculiar? Partially because this kind of processing makes it more aromatic and tastier. Moreover, they remain rich in vitamins and nourishment. It is, undoubtedly, one of the transformations that make only slight changes to the composition of nutritional values. Many Europeans smoke sausages, meat, and fish in their backyard smokehouses. Thanks to this, they do not need any preservatives or artificial additions to their favorite meals. And it is why Romanian Dry Pork Sausage, pork shoulder, or Westphalian Ham taste so perfectly. Indeed, contrary to popular beliefs, this kind of meat keeps quite a lot of minerals and vitamins. Those may be, among others, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B6, and B12. And also biotin. Useful natural dyes and antioxidants are not lost in large amounts as well. In turn, the advantages and tastes of this type of food or snacks are unquestionable. Indeed, we do not need to introduce them to anyone.

Smoked cold cuts perfect as an appetizer, meal, or snack

Smoked cold cuts are delicious, aromatic, and have a high protein content. Undeniably, they will work as a snack or as an addition to dishes. It's just flesh without any artificial additives. However, the type of dried meat we choose is also relevant. According to the experts, the most suitable for this process are high-quality lean red meats (beef, lean pork) and venison. It is because they have high nutritional values (a lot of protein) and low-fat content. Therefore, people who care about their figure can readily help themselves with this type of food. Then, what will you choose? Maybe our Hungarian dry pork sausages or Polish beef? Or maybe Romanian cold cuts? It is up only to you! Fabko online store guarantees high-quality products imported from Europe. Here, you can find all the most renowned victuals from Hungary, Poland, and Romania. Also, from Germany or the Balkan countries as Croatia.

The advantages of dehydrated meat

Dehydrated meat is one of the low-caloric protein-loaded snacks. Indeed, it is suitable for consumption at any time of the day. Besides, if you include it in your daily diet with a solid dose of physical activity, you will also gain health resilience. At the same time, it offers many advantages, even in a small portion. Twenty-five grams of dehydrated meat is equal to approximately sixty grams of a raw one. If you are a cold cuts lover, you undoubtedly should eat Romanian Dry Pork Sausages, Smoked Beef, or Westphalian Ham. In addition to being very tasty, they will provide you with many vitamins and nutrients. Beef, cleaned of fat, cut into strips, and dried, is commercially available as jerky. Europeans marinate it in a sauce. Then, they add salt, so the resulting snack is salty and often spicy. Dried meat is, moreover, a good option for folks being on very demanding diets.

Healthy, tasty, and with a long shelf-life

Drying is one of the best methods of preserving food. It is a method "as old as the world," used even in prehistoric times. Europeans very often dry and smoke their meat in home smokehouses. And no wonder, this activity gives them delicious food and lots of satisfaction at the same time. Fortunately, you do not have to do this. All you need is to check out our website with ready-made and delicious products straight from across the ocean. Our online store provides you with an essential selection of smoked cold cuts and other European victuals. Undeniably, dried foods can be an ingredient for composing unusual dishes. With our offer and fast shipping, now, you can prepare them too. Just choose, for example, Landjager Sticks or Naturally Wood Smoked Beef and enjoy their bold taste. Also, it's up to you how you want to serve them. Whether as a snack with bread or a part of the main course.