German Pastries 

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German Pastries

German pastries and desserts, cheesecakes, chocolate bars, pudding, and spice cookies

The German pastries are, undoubtedly, a hidden treasure. Do you not associate Germany with good baked goods and confectionery? It was so with us until we tried their delicious cakes, baked goods, and desserts. But once we did, we simply fell in love with them. It turns out that Goethe's homeland has hundreds of years of experience, especially in preparing cakes. Indeed, their Black Forest Cake, Plum Cake, or German cheesecake make a great impression with their flavor. As well as Bavarian Cream, Spit Cake, or sweet rolls made of yeast dough. However, it is just the beginning. There are, moreover, vanilla puddings, sweet, glazed biscuits, and tiny spice cookies. Undeniably, the wealth of these products can simultaneously amaze and delight. Fortunately, there is a place on the internet where you can try all of those delicacies. It is Fabko online store. If you fancy having, say, a Bee Sting Cake, Red Berry Pudding, or Chocolate Bar, you'll know where to find them.

German pastries and confectionery, biscuits, doughnuts, and apple strudels

The German pastries are both large and small. The people of this country notably prefer the tiny treats in this category. These can be, among others, sweet biscuits, crescent-shaped ones, or doughnuts. Yes, Germans also make doughnuts, and they do it very well indeed. Their versions contain, above all, delicious, sweet jelly-fruit filling. They are also both crunchy and soft. Which is, undeniably, how we habitually like them the best. What we liked most about this selection, however, were the cakes. There are a lot of worldwide-famous victuals in it, though. Just taste a Sheet Cake, Bavarian cake, or Chocolate Cake, and you will know what we mean. But Schiller's compatriots can make many other desserts. They can prepare a tasty porridge with roasted flour, cooked nuts, and red berries mash. Especially during Christmas, the local confectioners and bakers reach the heights of their abilities. Now you can taste the results of their work too.