Instant Cakes 

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Delecta Crispy Cake, Kruche 400g
Delecta Crispy Cake. Delicious, Quick, and Easy! 
Dr. Oetker Custard Powder, Hazi Kremes Krem 225g
Dr. Oetker Traditional Hungarian Custard Powder. To make you cake deliciously creamy and soft. 225g
Dr.Oetker Zlatý Klas Custard Powder 40g
Custard powder - Zlaty klas is a well-known powder to use when baking and a popular pudding delicatessen. It can be used to prepare vanilla cream, pastry filler or as a classical pudding.
Kathi German Streusel Cake Mix 420g/14.8oz
KATHI mixes are a testimony to the high quality, artisan German baking crafts, bridging the gap between German and North American baking traditions.
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Instant Cakes

Instant Cakes. Polish food online store presents, european bakery and pastries.

Polish instant cakes are undoubtedly perfect when you fancy something sweet. However, you don't always have time or do not like spending a long time baking. Well, now you don't have to. Fabko online store offers a broad selection of this kind of pastry that we imported from the Old Continent. And yet, as you know, countries such as Poland, Hungary, or Romania can without a doubt produce good pastries. On our website, you can, for example, find a sponge cake, Karpatka cream, and even tiramisu. Although many say that this kind of pastry is unhealthy, modern production makes them pretty valuable. And especially those imported from Europe. Be it powdered cheesecake, fruit one, or chocolate one. Decisively all of them present all the extraordinary European confectionery features. Right now, thanks to our online store, you can enjoy these delicacies at your home. Feel a unique taste of the Old Continent's sweet victuals. Quickly and comfortably.

Instant cakes from Europe and baking ingredients. Baking powder, ammonia, and gluten-free corn starch

Instant cakes from Europe are also a thing to do by yourself. Do you like baking? Do you like the smell of hot and fresh pastries? Indeed, we got something for you. A wide selection of ingredients and seasonings for the baking! Check them out. Among these, you can find, for example, cacao powder, rye sourdough, or powdered cream. And also dry yeast, baking soda, or bay leaves. Each of these elements is of high quality and a healthy way of production. Thanks to them, your baked goods will taste just great. After all, we all know that ingredients from the Old Continent are a rich selection of flavors and a unique culinary experience. Starting now, they can be the parts of each cake you make. And the wonderful smell from your oven will hover soon. Switch your pastry factors for ours, and you will indeed notice the difference. Feel free to browse our website and order.