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Farmer Cheese Polish Style Bacik 454g/16oz
Bacik Farmer Cheese is some of the most authentic farmer's cheese you will ever taste.
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Farmer Cheese No Salt Added Approx 1.5 / 1.7 lb
Farmer Cheese No Preservatives No Artificial Growth Hormones No Salt Added
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Gouda Cheese/ 1lb/ unsliced
Gouda is a traditional, cow’s milk, hard cheese covered in a wax rind. The flavor is sweet and fruity, and as the cheese ages, it hardens and the taste becomes more intense and complex and almost cheddar like.
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Polish dairy goods, Goat cheese and feta. 

Polish dairy goods, Polish whipped cheeses, Romanian kashkaval, and bryndza. Polish and Hungarian food online store.

Why European dairy is so good? Mainly because is so wholesome and nutritious. And also because it comes from the milk of healthy breed cows. The Old Continent is one of those regions of the world where milk products stand out by their naturalness and great taste. That is why the Fabko online store has included cheeses, butter, margarine, yogurts, kefirs, and condensed milk in its offer. Although their storage is delicate, we do our best to deliver them intact to our customers. That is why you can order Polish style farmer cheese, Romanian Carpathian Cascaval, and Danish Brie on our website. Our offer also includes such unique goods from across the ocean like white cheese in brine, Kajmak sweet cream, and Danish Camembert. We cordially invite you to visit our online store and familiarize yourself with its offer. We are perfectly sure, you will not be disappointed at all!

Polish dairy, cheeses, creams, and desserts made of milk from happy and healthy cows.

Typically European dairy products are prepared in ways that were known centuries ago. Traditional farms account for a large part of this type of production. Especially in terms of milk production itself. Poland, Romania, Hungary, or the Balkans are places where animals can graze on the meadows without stress, as they grazed centuries ago. That is why Polish smoked gouda, Romanian Goat cheese, or Hungarian Sheep cheese simply taste better. And that is also why their taste is so rich, full, and satiating. You can almost feel the flavor of the meadow eating Polish natural yogurt for example. We recommend our products in this category. We reassure all of you who are concerned that products of this type may spoil during transport. We are professionals. Our articles are carefully packed into containers that maintain the right temperature without any problems. This ensures that your orders arrive at their destination intact. 

Chocolate and milk desserts, an ingenious combination of what is sweet with what is wholesome

Dairy products are an ideal source of protein and calcium for anyone who is not allergic or intolerant to them. It is challenging to list all their advantages. Everybody knows that milk provides the body with valuable fats and vitamin D. What is more, products of this type have a remarkable effect on muscles and bones. That is why you definitely should reach for Carpathian Kashkaval, Romanian Goat Cream, and Danish Brie from our offer. We especially recommend dairy products from Eastern and Central Europe. For centuries, pastoralism has had a significant influence on the culture of the peoples living there. Therefore, in the art of preparing milk stock, they have achieved perfection. In turn, for those who like sweet varieties of dairy products, we recommend Romanian Sweet Cream Spread (kajmak) and Hungarian Chocolate Flavored Dessert with Curd Cheese. It will assuredly be an alluring suggestion also for kids.

A broad selection of cheese from Europe. Danish Brie, Romanian Kashkaval, Polish Gouda, and Edam

Do you like cheese? Yes? So, we have an intriguing offer for you. The Old Continent is a real paradise for both fans and connoisseurs of these products. Depending on the region, people enjoy Polish Rycki, Romanian Branza, or Carpathian Feta differently. These are products that often differ not only in taste and texture but also in a serving way. In the eastern and central parts of the continent, inhabitants have them most often as an addition to bread. But they also like to bake it equally often and taste it without any additives (usually drinking wine). For the region it comes from, customary, cheese is a source of pride and an icon of local flavor. Grated, we can use it as a seasoning. Many are famous for emphasizing the taste of each dish. For this reason, cheese is often an integral part of Polish Food deli, Romanian Food deli, and Hungarian Food deli.