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Balkan Style Food

Balkan Food Deli, delicious cheese, pates, and greek style caviar spreads

Balkan food deli which You can find in Fabko online store is an essential selection of the most popular dishes. The Balkans is a region of Europe, more specifically – Southern Europe, covering approximately the area of the Balkan Peninsula. It consists of over ten countries, so the number of tasty dishes from there is quite significant. Among them, we can find for example dry smoked Pork Butt’s, pickled cabbage heads, or original sheep’s cheese. Kashkaval sheep cheese is definitely the dairy dish most associated with that part of Europe. As well as widely known taramosalata greek style caviar spread and Balkan beef goulash. Balkans are clearly a homeland for many kinds of pates. In our store, You can find, for example, tea time pate, liver pate, or even pork pate. Just like our pates with tomatoes. Obviously, depending on the country, Southern European cuisine can vary greatly. On this website, You can have the most representative suggestions.

Balkan food deli, Macedonian, Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian victuals

Balkan food deli is also rich in many flavors and seasonings, that make courses from there so unique. Obviously, here You can find a fine selection of them. Through the ages, cuisine from the Balkans was affected also by recipes from the Middle East. Therefore, many of South European dishes are highly seasoned, which makes them taste exotic. Among those spices, we should, in particular, mention Macedonian home-made ajvar. It is a slightly spicy vegetable paste, made of sweet pepper, eggplants, garlic, vinegar with spices (salt, pepper, chili). It may be used as bread spread, but also as a perfect addition for meats – chicken for example. Also, popular seasonings in there are savory, thyme, mint, and lovage. We can use them for such meals like stew, stuffed peppers and cabbage, fish soup, and also for meat patties. It is not hard to bring all those flavors into Your home. Just browse Fabko European food online store and choose the most interesting products. There is more Balkan Style products in all other store categories. This category shows only few examples.

Culinary arts and recipes dating back to the ancient times

Many argue that cuisine is the most expressive and most essential element of the Balkan peoples' culture. And no wonder, because this part of the world is a mysterious and fascinating European region. It also has a rich, multicultural history that influences the types of dishes there. That's why both Greek Style Caviar Spread and Homemade Ajver are present here. The Balkan menu also includes elements of such culinary traditions as Romanian Food Deli, Hungarian Food Deli, or Polish Food Deli. Here, practically every town has its own unique, regional course, or at least its variation. What you can eat in this part of Europe is a reflection of its painful history, multiculturalism, and influences. From both the East and the West. The dishes from there have, very characteristic flavors. That is because Greeks, Macedonians, Serbs, and Croats usually use very expressive seasonings for them. These may include, among others, Homemade Vegetable Spread or Spice Mix for Sausages.

The land of tasty spreads, pates, stuffed vegetables, and spicy seasonings

Although a large part of the meals served in this part of the world includes meat, vegetarians will also find a lot for themselves. These can be, for example, Stuffed Peppers, Romanian Cabbage Rolls, or Pickled Cabbage Heads. Vegetables popular in Balkan cuisine include cabbage, pepper, and beetroot. In turn, dried paprika or eggplant-paprika paste are inseparable elements of virtually all courses in Romania, Croatia, or Serbia. The traditional local meat dishes are equally delicious. These include fish soup, fish paprikash, stew, and gulas. All of them richly seasoned, of course. Besides, a popular addition to bread in the Balkans are spreads and pates. In this category, we can suggest, among others, Croatian Pork Pate and Croatian Liver Pate (jetrena pasteta). We guarantee that they will taste delicious to you as well. Also, the characteristic elements of the breakfast out there are various types of cheese, such as Kashkaval Sheep's cheese.

Balkan Cuisine tasty highlights

Balkan cuisine is a collective term for dishes originating from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. Traditional cookery culture from this part of Europe is rich and highly varied. Culinary traditions here have changed dynamically over the centuries and are significantly eclectic. They were shaped depending on the current climate, adding the influence of nations, religions, and cultures that appeared in the area. In the west, you can find the ascendancy of European cuisine. Oriental specialties, on the other hand, are present in the east. In the north, the menu usually consists of vegetables, meat, and fish. However, in the south - fresh seafood. In addition, regional specialties from Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Slovenia, and Montenegro are also part of this tradition. In this diversity, however, you can find general features. First of all, the dishes are spicy and distinctive in flavor. It is because, habitually, you can find onions, peppers, white cheese, and tomatoes in them.

Meet the culinary traditions of Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Greece

Balkan nations also love meats. Grilled, roasted, or smoked pork, beef, and lamb are very popular. That's not to say, of course, that vegetarians won't find something for themselves here. They will certainly like the ajvar, which is a traditional vegetable paste. Croats and Serbs usually prepare it from sweet peppers with the addition of eggplant and garlic. And then, usually, they spice it up. If you buy ajvar in the Fabko online store, you will see how much it can change even the simplest dishes. You will also find many other delicious spreads. A similar function is performed in the South of Europe by Zakuska. Zakuska contains roasted peppers cut into strips and dipped in the aromatic marinade. It is the desired appetizer to Balkan dishes, a lunch vegetable, and an additive to fresh bread and grilled meat. We also have to mention a tartufata - an aromatic combination of mushrooms, truffles, olive oil, salt, and garlic.