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Hungarian Gourmet and Beef Goulash 

Hungarian gourmet dishes, traditional Polish pierogi, Hungarian beef goulash, and bean stew.

The European gourmet in our store is a place where You can find the daintiest dishes from the eastern part of the Old Continent. Even if you are not an avid foodie, you will appreciate these great meals that will clearly delight you with their taste. Meals that whole generations grew up on. Poland is a country associated with good food in the first place. At, we have selected for you dishes that all visitors to this country rave about. Here are the famous Polish pierogi with spinach, pierogies with sauerkraut mushroom, and pierogi ruskie, (Russian). We additionally offer other victuals of Polish cuisine. These are, for example, Polish dumplings filled with mushrooms (uszka), homemade cabbage & mushroom (krokiety), and cheese blintzes. Even if you are not a devoted food fan, you will be surprised how good and tasty can it be. On our website, you will equally find a broad selection of such tasty dishes as Polish crepes.

European gourmet, homemade bigos, beef tripe soup, and pork jelly

The European gourmet presented in our store will appeal primarily to meat lovers. After all, the eastern part of the Old Continent is remarkable for its healthy ways of preparing it. And also from very original dishes made from it. Those already a bit known are certainly Polish bigos (hunter stew), beef goulash, and bean stew. But in our online store you can buy even such original and sophisticated meals as pork jelly, beef tripe soup (flaki), or square pork and gherkin rolls in tomato sauce. This is a real challenge for real foodies! And this is just the beginning. The cuisine of this part of the world is full of unusual combinations and indigenous flavors. Thanks to, presently you can get acquainted with them and judge for yourself. We are convinced that in the privacy of your home they will taste as good as in Europe.

Online grocery store with gourmet food from Poland, Czech, and Romania

Fabko online grocery store is the place on the web where we want to provide our customers with the best of what the Old Continent offers. Indeed, anyone who has ever tried European cuisine knows how many delicious dishes it presents. Therefore, if you are looking for Polish or Romanian food, you've come to the right place. Same as in the case of Hungarian or Balkan foods. Even though we import our delicacies from the Old Continent, modern food storage techniques allow us to deliver them fresh and healthy. Thanks to that our offer includes even both meat and cold cuts. Among our stock, you can find the most famous dishes and dishes from Eastern Europe. These could be pierogi, beef goulash, or bean stew. However, we also offer the less popular ones. Nevertheless, they are always delicious. Our store is a perfect place to start a passionate culinary adventure.

Delicious courses and dishes from Eastern and Central Europe

We do not address our offer only to gourmets of dishes and courses from the Old Continent. We undeniably also direct it to those who are curious about flavors from around the world. And why Poland, Hungary, Romania, and the Balkans? Well, because these are undoubtedly countries where simplicity and naturalness are crucial matters when preparing a meal. Indeed, the inhabitants of these parts of Europe remain faithful to the ancient principles of making food in harmony with nature. It is the same with growing or cultivating its elements. They did, moreover, resist the disadvantages of mass production. Thus, the vast majority of their foods are wholesome and nutritious. And it is why these ailments are so renowned, popular, and desired. With our website, we not only want to introduce our customers to the great European menu. Furthermore, we wish to acquaint them with that food culture. It is undoubtedly worth it.