How to manage adresses: 

Different shipping and billing address

If you want to ship your order to a different address It is very easy to manage the shipping and billing address:

1. When you are on checkout page you need to unmark the option "USE DELIVERY ADDRESS AS BILLING"


2.  Then you need to  click - "ADD A NEW ADDRESS"  After you have added the new delivery address, the page will refresh. To find the NEW address go back to the top where it says " Choose a delivery address" and click on the textbox that says " My address."  Then choose the correct delivery address.

3.  Remember, if you want to updates either the Delivery or Billing address during the checkout process, " same address" can't be marked above. If "one address" is selected when you click " update" BOTH the billing and shipping address will change. You have to set up different delivery and billing addresses before you update one of them. :)