Puddings, jellies 

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Traditional pudding flavored with cocoa and semolina meal and is not only tasty and hearty, but favorite among all the children.
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Dr.Oetker Zlatý Klas Custard Powder 40g
Custard powder - Zlaty klas is a well-known powder to use when baking and a popular pudding delicatessen. It can be used to prepare vanilla cream, pastry filler or as a classical pudding.
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Puddings, jellies

Puddings and jellies, instant dishes from Hungary, Poland, and Romania

Puddings and jellies are some of the most widespread European desserts. You can find a bold variety of their flavors there. These can be, for example, cocoa flavor pudding, but also vanilla flavor, and chocolate flavor ones. Particularly kids love them. And no wonder, because they are delicious, pretty healthy, and quick to prepare. Indeed, the same are gooseberry jelly flavor, lemon, and cherry ones. It is undoubtedly a great pleasure to eat such a dessert after a good dinner. And it is evident that in the United States, a dessert is, as one can say, a culinary tradition. From then on, you can swap your last course with our instant delicacies. We import them mainly from Central Europe, which means they do not contain artificial preservatives and flavor enhancers. Nothing stands in the way of giving these original sweet dishes a chance. Indeed, we guarantee that you will like them.

Puddings and jellies, European desserts, custards, baking powder

Why Europeans like puddings and jellies so much? Mainly because they are tasty, simple, and instant. Usually, one needs only a dish and hot water. Moreover, those desserts are healthy and low in calories. And they consist of natural ingredients. Besides, it is a perfect snack during the day, as a third course, or for the afternoon tea. Here, at Fabko online store, you can find many types of this delicacy. These can be, for example, cream with sugar, raspberry, or even the strawberry flavor. Help yourself and only pour boiling water over the powder. Our jellies, furthermore, are just full of fruits. You can also eat them with any additions you want. Indeed, they taste great solely. However, adding, for example, spices or cinnamon takes this dessert on a whole new level. And it creates an utterly new dish as well. Now, you can do your own culinary experiments with our stock. It is easy and quick. And, of course, delicious.