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Baked pork sausages, Polish food online store.

Baked and cooked pork sausages and meats occupy an exceptional place in European cuisine. Wholesome meat without chemical additives becomes even tastier during the cooking process. Sausages are an enormously popular meal both for breakfast and dinner in the Old Continent. Most often, such delicacies consist of minced or sliced ​​meat mixed with spices, breadcrumbs, and flavorings. These can be, for example, Polish Grillowa with cheese, chicken kabanosy, or Polish Zwyczajna sausage („ordinary”). Delicacies such as traditional german bratwurst, krainerwurst smoked garlic, Ukrainian brand cooked or homestyle chicken baked sausages will certainly taste equally good. The traditional composition of this kind of cold cuts is salted pork with spices. However, over time, among European nations, this type of nourishment began to diversify, and the meat of other animals began to be added. Thanks to this, we can presently enjoy the real variety of their tastes. And thanks to Fabko online food store, we can purchase them in the USA.

German baked pork sausages like krainerwurst, bratwurst, and pork baked sausages

Baked and cooked food is very healthy and easy to prepare. Moreover, it is usually light meat which does not cause digestive problems. The quality of such types as „Polish zwyczajna” (ordinary) or „BBQ grillowa” depends on the method we prepare them. It should be remembered that they are supposed to be boiled in a lot of water without adding salt and spices. Why? Because this semifinished product is salty by itself with enough seasoning. It is best to do this in a saucepan or pot on the stove. When the water starts to boil intensively, we should reduce the heat and proceed with cooking. This will make it easier to remove the natural casing. In turn, in the microwave oven, the dish should be filled with water to completely cover the sausages. Cooking in this way usually takes about five minutes. However, it is worth controlling the process, because our delicacies can start to crack.

Cooked Meat from Europe. Pork, beef, and poultry

Cooking is one of the most popular forms of meat processing on the Old Continent. Completely different than in the USA, where we prefer to roast it. However, doing it wrong may lead to the loss of nutrients and the taste of these products. Fortunately, Europeans know how to do this without losing one or the other. What are the advantages of cooking? Firstly, no unhealthy substances are forming during this process. Second, there is less loss of nutrients. And third, it's convenient because you can prepare everything in one pot or device. Undoubtedly, cooking is straightforwardly healthier. Hence, that is why this method of meat processing has become so popular in Europe. Indeed, the nations of the Old Continent prepare many types of cold cuts in this way. However, the most desired are poultry, beef, and pork. Here, at Fabko online store, we can assure you that each of them tastes undeniably good. Much better than US products.

Why is cooking meat better than frying it?

Most of all, it allows you to keep more nutrients. But it is also a large number of possibilities to enrich the taste. You can cook the meat in water or a specially composed vegetable stock. Then, the aromas penetrate it, making its taste undoubtedly unique. Then, you can prepare many delicious dishes from it. And you can do it in a short time. This kind of meat, moreover, is also a reliable option for a sandwich. And especially such products as Polish Village Sausage, German Krainerwurst, or Chicken Kabanosy. They are soft, delicious, full of herbal aroma cold cuts. If you are a meat fan and have never tried the cooked version, our products in this category are, without a doubt, for you. You will undoubtedly find a wide variety of exciting new flavors here. All you need to do is to order them. And wait for them to reach you, even the next day.

How to cook a European sausage?

Cooked sausage is a highly desired delicacy on the Old Continent. Indeed, in combination with bread, it is a very common dinner in, for example, Poland or Germany. The manufacturers know it well, so they release ready-made, primarily cooked meats as well. These may include Polish Chicken Kabanosy, Hungarian Home Style Baked, or Village Sausage. However, you can easily prepare these delicious Hungarian cold cuts at home too. Just boil water with allspice and bay leaf. Then put the sausage into the boiling water. Remember, the water should slightly cover it. Then you should take the pot off the fire and boil the sausage for a maximum of 50 minutes. Alternatively, heat it a little until the water temperature reaches 75C. It should only bubble slightly. Remove ready meal from the water. Then, you can serve it in a way you like. Poles, Hungarians, and Germans love it habitually with mustard.

Ready, Polish oven-baked sausage with marinade

Do you fancy a nicely browned sausage with a crispy crust and braised onions? It makes an intriguing idea for a simple yet substantial lunch. Alternatively, it also fits optimally for dinner or breakfast. What do you prefer? Thanks to the marinade based on mustard, ketchup, and honey, oven-baked cold cuts with onions gains flavor. How to make it? If the piece is large, divide it into smaller few-centimeter ones. Cut with a knife from the top. In a bowl, mix together marinade ingredients. Finely chop the garlic and add to the marinade. Grease a heatproof dish with oil and spread marinade on each sausage. Add the onion. Finally, put the whole stuff into an oven preheated to 190C and bake until nicely browned. Serve oven-roasted sausage with onions and the resulting liquid. If you prefer, sprinkle it a little with fresh dill. Baked cold cuts taste good with potatoes and salad.