Chicken & Turkey 

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Chicken & Turkey

Chicken sausages, best cold cuts from Europe. Polish food store online.

Chicken sausages and high-quality turkey meat in European style, poultry delicacies you will love.

Chicken and turkey are on the Old Continent so desired, as they are in the United States. They are countless recipes for dishes made of their meat. But most interesting are chicken in jelly and Polish chicken kabanosy (sticks). Well, Europeans just enjoy jellies, so their kitchen could not miss poultry jellies as well. And no wonder, since the countries of the Old Continent are one of the largest poultry producers in the world. Why is it worth giving a chance to European poultry? Because there, over the Ocean, the production of this meat takes place with greater respect for animal welfare. Chickens are typically well-fed there, run freely, and do not stress themselves. As a result, they produce much more excellent meat than you can obtain in industrial production. What’s more, European meat is tenderer and possesses a considerably better taste. See for yourself how delicious it can be.

European Chicken and turkey, better and tastier than You think

High-quality European chicken and turkey meat are renowned for their pronounced taste, ease of preparation, and universal appeal. Well-fed and properly treated poultry also means meat full of immense nutritional value. First of all, high-quality protein without unnecessary fat. Furthermore, it is also an ideal source of nutrients such as niacin, iron, and zinc. And also vitamin B12 and biotin. Poultry meat can also be processed easily and quickly. And yet it does not lose its nutritional value. Another advantage of hens is that you can use virtually any part of the animal. They can be whole breasts, fillets, or cutlets. And also shanks, wings, legs, and thighs. And their meat can be used to prepare, among others, batons, sausages, sticks, and ham. The Fabko online store allows you to taste all these delicacies from the Old Continent. Be our guest.