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Eastern Europe Pierogies and Crepes

Pierogies and crepes, Polish filled dumplings, or homemade cheese blintzes?

Pierogies and crepes are delicacies most often associated with Eastern and Central Europe. These filled dumplings made by wrapping unleavened dough around a savory or sweet filling and cooking in boiling water are very often considered national dishes. Many foreigners visiting the eastern part of the Old Continent mention the name of this delicacy the most frequently. Fabko online store is therefore in a hurry to inform you that its offer also includes a comprehensive selection of these meals. You can find here, among others, pierogi potato & cheddar (called „ruskie”), potato & spinach ones, and sauerkraut & mushroom version. In such countries as Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, or Romania, there is simply an innumerable number of their varieties. Each is slightly different, but all equally tasty. Our staff has selected the best ones for you. And also such delights like homemade cheese blintzes and „krokiety” (homemade cabbage & mushroom rolls).

Pierogies and crepes that you can prepare yourself at home

Pierogies and crepes presented in our food store with polish food can also be prepared in your kitchen. We offer instant mixes that will allow you to make these delicious dumplings in any way you want. Each set contains the ingredients needed to prepare the dough and to make the filling. We possess versions of sauerkraut & mushroom, potato & cheddar, as well as potato, spinach&feta. Although our favorites are traditional „ruskie” (Russian), we positively encourage you to try them all. Undoubtedly, it will not only be an ordinary meal preparing, but also an interesting adventure. The way you will serve your dumplings and how you will season them depends exclusively on you! Nothing prevents you from experimenting a little. Dumplings can attend as a perfect main course for the whole family as well as a great complement to another meal. It is furthermore a brilliant idea for an appetizer or even a party snack.

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