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Iurceneanca Corn Maize 1kg
Extra degermed corn maize is a high quality product obtained by grinding corn grains. It is a 100% natural product that does not contain genetically modified organisms. Perfect  for preparing traditional Moldavian recipes such as Mamaliga. 
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Krinos Taramosalata Greek Style Caviar Spread 227g
Krinos Greek Style Caviar Spread. 227 g. Taramosalata is a Greek style caviar Spread made from delicate fish roe. Krinos Taramosalata uses roe that is naturally cured and aged over one year. It can be served as a dip with vegetables or as a spread on unsalted crackers or pita bread. Lactose Free. 
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Steel Bogrács Tripod 46"
The Tripod is created out of special curved steel and is resistant to stress. It is also adjustable, and can hang pots on two different heights. It has a special heat-resistant handle, which allows for stirring over a fire. 46 inches tall It is designated to hold objects from 4 to 20 liters
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Croatian Food

Croatian food deli from the sunny land of Dalmatia and Istria

Our Croatian food deli will make You feel like You were there. The Dalmatian coast is an ancient land that has been popular with holidaymakers for decades. However, fairy-tale views and beautiful beaches are not the only attractions of this region. The food there is obviously equally attractive. A delicacy often mentioned by tourists returning from Dalmatia is Sremska Kobasica, or Dry Pork Sausage. Sweet pancakes (Palancinke) are also typical for this latitude. It is certainly one of the most popular desserts there. We can serve it in many ways. For example, we can sprinkle them with sugar, add apricot jam, or ricotta cheese. Moreover, we can arrange them on top of each other in the form of a cake, interleaved with various fillings. But Croats also like soups. Among their typical dishes of this type, one should be definitely mentioned. It’s a vegetable soup with semolina dumplings and spring soup. They contain pieces of leek, paprika, carrot, and celery.

Croatian food deli in a sweet variety, chocolate, wafers, and… dill pickles

Croatian food deli is also full of various snacks. Either sweet or sour. Very popular there are chocolate products. They can be milk chocolate with hazelnuts or Napolitanke choco wafers And also its hazelnut and chocolate cream versions. Inhabitants of Balkans very often use chocolate also as bread spread. Just like, for example, milk and cocoa spread. In turn, speaking about sour snacks – we definitely must mention dill pickles. These are commonly eaten with alcohol. Croatian cuisine is very rich in terms of sweetness. We can find out there cakes, delicious desserts, pancakes, ice cream, fruit, and delicacies. This cuisine is also characterized by a rich confectionery tradition resulting from Austrian, Italian, and Hungarian influences. Amateurs of sweet dinners definitely will not be disappointed.

A small country with a great variety of flavors, exotic herbs, seasonings, and spices

What allows us to enjoy the quality of our Balkan Style foods are local, natural ingredients, high brand, and freshness. Our Tourist Brand Kielbasa, Spring Soup, or Green Walnut Preserve are the real sun of Dalmatia and Istria enclosed in food products. Traditional Croatian cuisine products are a combination of the Mediterranean climate and the atmosphere of celebration. Discovering these unique delicacies in the Fabko online store will surely be a great experience. Just like having any meal among the nations living on the Adriatic. Although the Balkan culinary art is multi-sourced diverse and combines many traditions, we must remember that it is, in fact, very local. There, practically every town can boast of some unique and indigenous dish. Very often made of meat. It is because it plays a significant role in the Croatian menu. Dry & Smoked Pork Butt, Balkanian Ham or Pork Pate are a common sight on the local tables.

Many regions, many possibilities, many delightful courses

Mediterranean food is a compelling feast for the palate. Virtually every region of the Balkans is rich in intriguing dishes and unique culinary experiences. It is worth remembering because these victuals are usually less popular than those from Central and Eastern Europe. Instead, we often choose Hungarian food deli, Romanian food deli, or Romanian food deli. And it's a shame because the Adriatic coast is famous for its unquestionably fantastic delicacies. And these are not only sour meals. You can also find tasty sweets among them. Check out, for example, our local tiramisu, cocoa wafers, or milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Croatia's culinary art covers a truly impressive spectrum of courses and foods. Now you can get to know more and more of them in the comfort of your own home. At Fabko online store, we want to provide you with specialties from every part of this sunny country. Our offer in this category is expanding and developing day by day.

Renowned and famous dishes of Croatian cuisine

Croatian cuisine is remarkably varied and combines different culinary traditions. It is also chiefly regional cookery that is usually strongly linked to the regional products of nature. It makes it possible to find many unique courses on the Croatian menu. On the other hand, the same meal, depending on the location, can taste completely different. Here, each region can boast of its sweets, pancakes, or smoked cheese. It would seem that the menu of the inhabitants of a country with such a long coastline would consist mainly of fish and seafood. Still, meat, sheep, and goat cheese also play a significant role in Croatian cuisine. However, what distinguishes dishes from that part of Europe is the high quality of local products and ingredients. Indeed, you can find there semihard cheese, tahini paste, and caviar, among others. Such original combinations of flavors always ensure a wonderful experience when savoring the local delicacies. Every fan of European dishes should try meals straight from this sunny country.

Online store with Balkan food products

Fabko online store is a company with more than twenty years of tradition. For a long time, we have been providing US customers with good quality products. Among them were drinks, groceries, sweets, and many others. In our offer, you can find meats, cold cuts, snacks and much, much more. Thanks to online sales, we can ship European delicacies to the farthest locations in the United States. Plus, we can do it fast. So we can even deliver fresh products that have just arrived from the Old Continent. Navigating our website is also very easy. You straightforwardly choose from hundreds of delicacies and make a payment. We do the rest. If you live on the East Coast, you can enjoy our goods even the next day. European cuisine and local food are our passion. We want to share it with our customers. That is why we make every effort to ensure that every step of your sale runs smoothly.