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Polish cold cuts and sausages

Polish cold cuts and sausages, best meat from Europe. The sausages at Fabko are quite a selection. You can find here: Polish sausages, Romanian ham, German wieners, and Hungarian salami, among others. Chicken, turkey, dried meats, head cheese, or loaves are only a tiny part of what we have prepared. Indeed, as a gourmet with self-respect, you can not miss such an offer.

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Polish cold cuts and sausages, hungarian ham and pork.

Polish cold cuts, we bet You have heard about them. Europe is famous for its excellent meat products. They are not only delicious but also very healthy. The Old Continent is a place where cold cuts are made according to recipes that are often hundreds of years old. Especially food products from Eastern Europe and the Balkans are famous for their naturalness and lack of preservatives. Fortunately, thanks to our online store, you don't have to fly across the ocean to get them. Here you can buy European sausages, Hungarian salami, or German wieners quickly and efficiently. And at attractive prices. We have practically every meat product typical for countries from this part of the world. And you can have them all right away! The stock presented on our website we deliver almost anywhere in the USA. Choose, order, and enjoy the extraordinary taste of such delicacies as Polish pierogis, Hungarian goulash soup, or Romanian ham! They are available now!

Polish cold cuts that you will love. Delicacies from the most interesting corners of the Old Continent

European cold cuts that we have collected for you are a special treat. During our culinary journeys, we explored many places and tasted many local delicacies. In our store, we want to provide Customers with what we simply consider the best. That is why our offer includes mainly cold cuts from Poland, Hungary, and Romania. And also, to a lesser extent from Czech and Germany. Among them, we recommend pork fatback (slonina prasowana), pork tongue headcheese (Polish salceson), or Romanian dry pork sausage. We know no boundaries when it comes to eating good and healthy. Here you can easily find alpine sausages, gypsy style ham, and Westphalian ham. And also smoked Polish sausage (kielbasa), German garlic sausage Knackwurst, and even chicken & pork wieners. Our products have been specially packed to keep all their values. We guarantee that they will delight you with their taste. We invite you to browse through our offer of unique delicacies from across the Atlantic. 

Traditional recipes, wholesome ingredients, and delectable taste

Cold cuts are a significant part of the European diet. As it is commonly known, they are a valuable source of protein and energy. And also the elements that we should not exclude from a balanced menu. Let us consider, for example, Baked Bacon with Herbs or Czech Smoked Sausages. If we consume them in reasonable quantities and of good quality, they will undoubtedly provide us with many valuable nutrients. Just as the delicious Polish Sausages or Romanian Brand Pork. Hungarian food deli, Polish Food deli, and Romanian Food deli are categories in which we present the best of what each of these countries has to offer. And also the types of meat that have, for a reason, dominated the countries of Eastern Europe. European Union law is rigorous on the production of cold meats. That is why they distinguish themselves with a healthy composition, great taste, and no harmful preservatives. And this, combined with the culinary art and tradition of the local peoples, makes the victuals from Old Continent second to none.

Order your favorites cold meats at Fabko Polish food store and receive them almost anywhere in the USA

Usually small, European local producers did produce all articles available at our online service. Those are more often tiny farms than large factories. Most of them prepare their stock using techniques of minimal meat processing. Many of these manufacturers also have their exclusive recipes that the customers have appreciated for years. Also, their products are often awarded or distinguished with quality marks all over the Old Continent. It is mainly due to carefully selected meat, well animal welfare, and sterile production conditions. As a rule, our producers try to avoid any artificial preservatives. The crafters, even processes such as smoking or drying, do carry out in the most healthy conditions possible. It is what we in our online store want to provide for our customers. We ship almost everywhere in the United States. So, you can enjoy the delicious flavors and superb quality that Europeans have appreciated for centuries. And which they can relish every day.

European cold cuts. Fabko online store offers food shipped all over the United States.

Why Polish sausages are so good?

It is not a great mystery that meat produced in the US is not the healthiest one. It is even worse when we buy it in the supermarket. Daily, we treat it like an easy solution for, most common, breakfast or lunch. However, the pre-packaged sliced meat and processed deli counter options aren't just short on nutrition. Undoubtedly, they also pose health risks, doctors say. It is why you should reconsider what you put to your sandwich. And our European cold cuts are, undeniably, the best available solution. At Fabko online store, you can choose among many premium products. All of them are not only delicious but wholesome as well. Indeed, if you switch US foods to them, you will feel the difference twice. First, for their perfect taste. Second, for their healthy ingredients. So, if you are a meat lover, without a doubt, you should not wait any longer! Polish sausages, Hungarian smoked pork, and Bavarian Bratwurst are waiting for you!

Black Forest Style Ham and Duck Pate are easy ways to make a sandwich

Eating our cold cuts is, first of all, convenient. Indeed, you do not need any cooking or cutting. Usually, we buy them sliced as well. That makes them a good suggestion for a sandwich. You straightforwardly buy our European meat. It can be, for example, Hunter's Salami, Hungarian Links, or Polish Kishka. Then, you just put it on a sandwich or in a wrap. Now, you can head out the door with a complete and filling meal. And, what is more, this meal is also high in protein and beneficial vitamins. It contains, moreover, such minerals as iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. And, what gives our products an advantage over the American ones, is the lack of detrimental substances. Europeans habitually use natural additives to preserve their meats. Thanks to this, our customers can enjoy their favorite cold cuts in healthy versions. And we are happy to deliver them to their door. Now, you can join them too.

An e-store with meat victuals from Eastern and Central Europe

Fabko online store is a brand that has been importing fresh and delicious foods from Europe for many years. For decades we have been offering typical and original dishes, groceries, and ready meals that we import from the Old Continent for our Customers. Our assortment is primarily an opportunity to taste natural food from countries such as Hungary, Romania, Poland, Croatia, or Germany. We have a still increasing group of regular Clients - gourmets of Polish bigos, Romanian goulash, or German sausages. But our service is also an opportunity for everyone who would like to check out these flavors. Our modern packaging methods ensure that our products always arrive fresh and ready to eat. Fast shipment, which we offer to almost every place in the US, makes them not lose any of their qualities. Thanks to Fabko, you have a unique opportunity to order a healthy and nutrient-rich deli from across the Ocean.

Buy European groceries without leaving home

There is no doubt that cold cuts are a relevant part of our diet. They will be a valuable source of protein and energy for us if we eat good quality ones in reasonable quantities. And these should not be missing from a balanced menu. Undoubtedly, people all over the world eagerly consume meat. In each country, however, their appearance, taste, and method of production are significantly different. In our online store, you can learn about and compare cold cuts that dominate the countries of Europe. We offer versions produced by Poles, Germans, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, or Romanians. With us, each category is a true culinary adventure and a passionate journey through the land of original, deep, and rich flavors. Our offer is a good option for gourmets, who are not satisfied with the taste of national meat. And also for those who have been to the Old Continent and are delighted with its flavors.

Choose the natural flavors and aromas of European meats

Cured meats from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania - you can recognize them at once. By what, however? First of all, by their natural appearance. But their deep and rich aromas also hit our nostrils right away. And for good reason, of course. Only the inhabitants of the Old Continent pay so much attention to the natural origin of their cold cuts. Here, everything must be as close to nature as possible. A maximum healthy flavor and taste are the aim of the extraction from every part of the meat. That is why it not only tastes good but is also much healthier. 

Have you ever tried Hungarian sausages or Polish ham?

No? Then, like a sausage gourmet in person, you undeniably must try them! Undoubtedly, once you check these, you won't want to eat any other ones. And that you will passionately sink into the world of Romanian dried meats, Hungarian sausages, and Polish Head Cheese. Here, at Fabko online store, we do not doubt that. An Old Continent is a place where locals create truly intriguing flavors. For centuries, they have been perfecting the recipes passed from father to son. Yes, precisely these delicacies with tradition and history we import for you at our online service. Try this bacon, regional cold cuts, and melt-in-your-mouth meat. Indeed, it is an irresistible proposition for any fan of rich and deep flavor. Fortunately, at our online store, first, you have a broad selection to pick from. Secondly - you don't have to be restrained and limited. Just browse and purchase your favorite delicacies.