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Polish loaf cold cuts, cold and smoked tenderloin, Gypsy Style smoked pork

Polish loaf cold cuts are a quality known and respected all over the world. And no wonder, because the meat from Chopin's homeland has been enchanting with its taste for years. Even in the most difficult, communist times, the local flavors were second to none. Poles indeed love meats! And they can undoubtedly produce them. The countries of Central and Eastern Europe have not utterly succumbed to the mass production of cold cuts. Even large manufacturers still stick to the regulations and techniques which their ancestors have been using for centuries. It is why Sopocka, Podwawelska, or Krakus still taste so unusual. Meat is a relevant component of the food of the local people. For that reason, they haven't spoiled it with water, salt, and artificial ingredients. And this is also why the rest of the world can enjoy these delicacies nowadays. Thanks to our online store with European food, you can as well.

Polish loaf cold cuts, traditionally manufactured meats and victuals

Polish loaf cold cuts are the most frequently purchased products in households out there. An undoubtedly broad selection makes local meats known in many countries around the world. However, it shouldn't be a surprise. Various thermal treatments and appropriate spices make Poles' tables full of numerous types of cold cuts. Also, unsurprisingly, the most popular are sausages, both thick and lean, of course. However, Poles also like and can make a perfect salami. Apart from those, hams are the next most popular on Poles' tables. In turn, the types of meat they love to smoke include, apart from hams, are loins, and bacon. Indeed, they are the perfect addition in combination with mayonnaise, mustard, or horseradish. Smoked products are the most favored on Polish tables during the holiday periods. Now, all these foods you can usually buy in small, local meat factories. The secret of the uniqueness of products from Poland lies in their naturalness.

Polish baked, cooked, and roasted meat

In Central and Eastern Europe, roasting and cooking meat have a separate history. Some claim that this way of processing is one of the best and healthiest. Notably, the slow-cooking method is one of those that guarantee healthy meat. Indeed, when we do this properly, the effect is wholesome and tender. And, of course, it does not lack valuable nutrients. There are plenty of European dishes containing cooked goods. Among them, we can mention a famous Roman Roast or Polish Klopsy. Those last ones are specific meatballs made of ground pork, beef, onions, and garlic, with an obligatory hard-boiled egg inside. Pâtés are also a significant part of this type of delicacy. Here we can mention, for example, pork pate. In Europe, it's a desirable option for the Easter table and beyond. Undoubtedly, it works for many occasions. Simple ingredients and uncomplicated preparation encourage Poles to prepare it easily in their kitchens.

Baked and cooked pates from Europe

Without a doubt, you can prepare a lot of tasty and original dishes from cooked meat. And, what also is not without a meaning, this way of processing is simple. Moreover, it allows you to prepare a nutritious meal in a short period. You just add aromatic spices to the meat, and the dinner is ready. Undeniable, this makes it a reasonable option for those who do not have enough time to stand at the stove. However, if you order these products from us, you will definitely save even more time. All our products are freshly made according to traditional European recipes. Besides all meat products sold by Fabko online store, we vacuum seal and carefully pack. Thanks to this, our customers have a warranty that their ordered stock possesses all the typical advantages of European food. Then, they can slice the cooked meatloaf to make individual portions and add it to the course, sandwiches on even BBQ.

Taste our Polish luncheon meat

Luncheon meat is a mix that is especially famous in Poland. Indeed, people there usually eat it in a sandwich for breakfast or second breakfast. There are also ways to heat it and eat it as a simple dish with potatoes, for example. In the past, this type of meat was an indispensable part of any outing or walk. Fragrant and filling, with delicious jelly, also appeared in school canteens. Nowadays, with the improvement in the quality of meat in general, this delicacy is no longer a dish of necessity but a delicacy for true gourmets. Although it is a processed product, it has a broad selection of nutritional values and even vitamins. Among them, we should mention proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber. And also vitamins A, D, K, and B group. Among other reasons, this is such a good option for children who love lunch meat. Thanks to Fabko online store, now you can enjoy them too.

Polish food online grocery store

Canned meats undoubtedly have many advantages. They are easy to store, have an extended shelf life, can be taken anywhere, and are typically inexpensive. While we don't recommend eating them too often, they undeniably make an attractive menu enhancement. In addition, they provide us with a rich mix of valuable food substances. In our store, you can buy good quality canned food, in which delicious European flavors are closed. Thanks to this storage method, you can enjoy them for months. And they do not lose any of their quality. It is a good deal, especially for those who like to fill their pantry with goods and then pick from it regularly. Besides, tinned foods are an invaluable holiday and travel victuals. They come in handy on trips, in a tent, or on mountain excursions. So everywhere, where we can not go to the store. Thanks to the sterilization process used and the tightness of the packaging, they maintain the vitality of valuable food substances for a long time.