Traditional European food, Polish pierogi, cabbage rolls, or homemade cheese blintzes?

Choose traditional European food when you fancy something enormously delicious and nutritious. Fabko online store comes at your service. In this location, you can find typical and famous meals from the eastern part of the Old Continent and the Balkans. We offer both ready meals and instant mixes. Thanks to them, European flavors will come to your kitchen and home. On our online site, you will find, among the others, potato & spinach pierogi, potato & cheddar dumplings, and sauerkraut & mushrooms pierogi. Each of these dishes acquires extraordinary taste and consists of wholesome ingredients. And of course, they include no preservatives. Enjoy the simplicity of healthy and nutritious meals that Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, and Croats enjoy every day. Thanks to the offer presented on our website, it is possible immediately. Just order homemade cabbage rolls (krokiety), cheese blintzes, or hunters stew, and start this fascinating journey into the world of flavors from across the Ocean.

Traditional European food from Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech, and Balkans

Traditional European food presented on our pages is an interesting selection of typical cuisine straight from the central and western parts of the Old Continent. Now You can order the most quality goods from there practically right away! All these mysterious, cited as extraordinary tasty dishes are promptly within your reach. Bigos, golabki (cabbage rolls), white borsch, kashkaval, knedliky, and of course – pierogi! All these exotic-sounding names and the dishes behind them could be yours even tomorrow. All you need to do is enter our website, select what will intrigue you and pay. We will take care of the rest. prides itself on the fact that its articles reach almost every place on the map of the United States. Besides, all the products you order will reach you intact. Neatly packed and protected against high temperatures. Just do not hesitate any longer! All those treats are available now!

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