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Fresh Sausages

Fresh sausages from Hungary, online grocery store

Europeans make fresh sausages of minced meat or giblets pressed into a natural intestine or the cellulose one. The most popular type of meat used in these products was firstly pork. But with time and the development of the art of butchering, other meats replaced it. It can be beef or veal. Usually, spices such as salt, pepper, garlic, or other herbs are added to it, and sometimes flavors and preservatives are also appended. As a result, products such as Polish kielbasa, Hungarian sausages, Sutni Valo Kolbasz, or Romanian Style Carnat have a unique flavor. They are renowned delicacies in every part of Europe. Kielbasa can be produced as a raw product. But Europeans are famous for many original ways to improve its taste. It can be smoked, cooked, or dried. European sausages will surely be a great idea for a BBQ in your garden. The guests will surely appreciate the taste of these victuals.

Fresh sausages from the Old Continent, Polish kielbasa, Romanian Carnat, and Hungarian Kolbasz

Fresh sausages, in contrast to the cooked or dried versions, are a delicacy for connoisseurs. Their assortment is very wide, but not all available on the market ones, are of high quality. It is worth buying sausages from well-known or regional producers and to pay attention to a few things while purchasing. First of all, the product ingredients list. It should be as short as possible and do not contain any additives. We should avoid any stabilizers, fillers, preservatives, and other artificial additions. We also need to consider the percentage of meat used to make the sausage. The higher percentage means, of course, the higher quality. Also, it is good to take a good look at the product’s cross-section. Coarse and medium-ground types are of higher quality. In our online store, we offer you what Eastern Europe has the best to offer in this category. We can guarantee satisfaction.