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Baked bacon with Herbs Approx. 1 lb
Baked pork bacon with a Herbs and spices.
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Bende KOLOZSVARI SMOKED BACON Aprox. 0.7-1.0 lb
Bende Hungarian Brand Smoked Bacon, "Kolozsvari Szalonna", Ready to Eat, Vacuum Packed,  Product of USA
In Stock
Double Smoked Bacon, Cyganski Approx. 0.6-0.7lbs
This Double Smoked Bacon contains cuts of pork infused with a blend of herbs and spices and then is double smoked.
Pork Back Fat, Hungarian Smoked Fresh Bacon, Kenyerszalonna Approx. 0.5 - 0.8 lbs Sale!
Out of stock
Pork Back Fat, Smoked Fresh Bacon, Kenyerszalonna- NorthStar, Approx. 0.5- 0.9 lbs
Original Hungarian Smoked Fresh Bacon.
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Smoked Ribs 1/lb (Fustolt Oldalas) Sale!
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Romanian Smoked Bacon, Slanina Afumata Approx 1 lb Sale!
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Romanian Smoked Bacon / Slanina Afumata /Boczek Westwalski/George's Approx 0.8-1.2b
Our hickory smoked bacon is delicious and ready to eat if you prefer it that way.  It's the best that you can find in USA! Seeing as it is smoked and vacuum packed, it travels very well, even in warmer temperatures. It will satisfy the longing for a taste of great Romanian meat. 
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Polish gypsy bacon and cold cuts, online grocery store

Polish gypsy bacon, this kind of meat can be used as a raw material in boiled, baked, and fried dishes. And it can be also availed in processing. Products such as smoked bacon roll, pork fatback (slanina prasowana), or Polish spyrka are appreciated delicacies. In the United States, it is a serious topic. Why? Because, as is well known, pork is the absolute king of the breakfast table there. And of course, the American one is the best. But such victuals as smoked slanina, back fat smoked, or pork fat can also captivate with their taste. Meats from across the Ocean and cold cuts can really make a difference. Especially if they are perfectly dried and seasoned in the Polish, Hungarian, or Romanian style. We encourage you to give pork delicacies from the Old Continent a chance.

Polish bacon, cured, smoked and cooked one

Polish gypsy bacon is fundamentally different from that produced in America. First of all, it is cut from the side of the pig, not from its abdomen. Hence the Polish name of bacon („side”). For this reason, both the taste and hardness of the meat may differ from its US equivalents. This does not alter the fact that gourmet such as Romanian smoked bacon with herbs, smoked cooked bacon (boczek), Hungarian smoked pork ribs, or Westphalian Style Pork taste delicious. A pig is an animal that holds a special place in the national cuisines of Europa as well. For this reason, its meat products are so varied and so good. Virtually every region of the Old Continent can boast of its unique recipes and its culinary tricks, thanks to which their products taste like no other in the world.

Find the perfect meat for your burgers

Bacon is a suitable addition to a wide variety of dishes. In Europe, the most popular course containing it is the English breakfast. It is very caloric and very nutritious. Some say it is even delicious. It consists of fried eggs, fried bacon, fried sausages, grilled mushrooms, and beans in tomato sauce. However, you can prepare this meat without typical English additions. It will also be a perfect complement to scrambled eggs. And if you are a fan of toasts, you can prepare bacon with wholemeal ones and poached eggs. Besides, the lovers of homemade burgers can enrich them with well-done meat slices. Classic burgers with such an addition are an enormous caloric bomb. However, in revenge, they provide a wide selection of exquisite flavors as well. Indeed, if you try to prepare your burgers with our products in this category, you will feel and taste the big difference. Try them out!

Pork ribs, pork back fat salted imported from Poland, Hungary, and Romania

Bacon is undoubtedly one of the tastiest parts of pig meat. There is probably no fan of cold cuts that would not love this crunchy, well-done piece of meat often served with a fried egg for breakfast. It is a well-thought-of meal both in the US and UK. In Europe, however, it is mainly an addition. Bacon is one of the most popular meat additives to various dishes and meals. Well-prepared, slightly crunchy, is a real delicacy there! Despite the fact, it is a real caloric bomb. And also one of those products that are very difficult to skip when we finally decide to go on a diet. Luckily, with our selection, you do not have to! Our products come from Europe. That means they are not that caloric as your local ones. Be it cooked Polish bacon, pork ribs, or boneless one. They are a healthy alternative for the meats that you can find in the supermarket.

Baked bacon means more than only meat

Baked bacon is the true prince of baked meat. Without a doubt, it is a must-have during every holiday or family gathering. It guarantees a house full of unique aromas, unforgettable flavors, and satiety. Europeans serve it sweet, with fruit, nuts, and even in a herbal marinade. Hot, cold, in beer and cider. They also bake it with or without skin. Poles, Hungarians, or Romanians undeniably love it - both baked, steamed, and smoked. Indeed, this delicacy gives us so many options! The versatility of bacon means that we can prepare it in many ways. Like a rare meat ingredient, it fits perfectly with both sweet and spicy flavors. It has many other advantages as well. Those can be, for example, unique aromas during baking. And the option of unconventional decoration of our dishes as well. Europeans more and more treat it as a kind of meat addition. The one that serves not so much to satisfy the appetite as to diversify dishes.

An exciting idea for a sandwich, course, and snack

Due to its caloric profile, bacon is considered a valued element of the active people's diet. Particularly in autumn, when the body's energy demand naturally increases. Moreover, it remains a welcomed addition to many dishes preferred by people who love meat. Why? Because it introduces a meat flavor to dishes such as salads, pasta, and soups. In recent years, this delicacy has become more and more popular. And no wonder. Indeed, it is also a good idea for a sandwich. For many, the aroma of morning coffee cannot match the smell of a morning bacon sandwich. In many countries in Europe, it is a classic breakfast option. New versions of it appear on the market all the time. The methods and recipes of its preparation too. An essential selection of those you can find among our stocks. At Fabko online store, we present Hungarian, Polish, and Romanian victuals. Undoubtedly, they belong to the most favored ones.

Delicious pork products from Eastern and Central Europe

Pork, along with beef, is one of the meats that we consume most commonly worldwide. In fact, we have been eating it for more than 3,000 years. And has been a relevant component in various culinary cultures around the world. Some people might be wondering why there are so many distinct types of this kind of meat. And whether there are benefits of consuming it. How about the nutritional content? What sort of health risks does eating bacon pose? The good news is that the one imported from the Old Continent is healthier than our local one. European bacon is typically leaner and higher in protein, with a distinctively different taste. The U.S. livestock industry has been thriving since its inception in the early 1600s. Soon, America became the world's largest producer of pigs. However, its European counterpart has been growing fast thanks to its ability to produce fine-quality lean meat for human consumption.

What are the Benefits of Eating meats from the Old Continent?

Polish, Romanian, or German meat has a lot to offer if you know where to look. People who eat it have a lower risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancers. As well as improved cognitive functions. Undoubtedly, a suitable example is pork. Its Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for the human brain. You might have heard that European pigs spend their time outdoors. This is because they have more room to roam around in the grassy fields they graze on. Besides, they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine that they need. Their diet includes natural proteins such as plants, vegetables, herbs, and fruits instead of grains. Undeniably, that means their meat is better for you than most other types you can find in the supermarket. Eating European pork, specifically, provides us with many health benefits. It does not contain antibiotics or growth hormones and is generally even healthier than other meats.