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Iurceneanca Corn Maize 1kg
Extra degermed corn maize is a high quality product obtained by grinding corn grains. It is a 100% natural product that does not contain genetically modified organisms. Perfect  for preparing traditional Moldavian recipes such as Mamaliga. 
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Muesli, Seeds and Flakes

Muesli, Seeds and Flakes. Online grocery store.

Muesli, seeds, and flakes are dishes that, literally, grew out of the agricultural culture in Europe. For millennia, they have been valued for their nutritional value as well as the energy and health they give. Polish Linseed, Flax Ground Defatted, or Romanian Corn Maize (Iurceneanca) many people simply call the food of life. They are primarily an invaluable source of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids necessary for the proper functioning of our body. They contain, among other things, a lot of omega-3 acids, vitamin E, lecithin, zinc, flavonoids, phytoestrogens, and fiber. Many of these grains also have healing properties, increase the efficiency of the immune system, and protect against cancer, and atherosclerosis. Furthermore, they lower cholesterol and sugar levels. They also protect the intestinal mucosa and regenerate the membranes of the digestive tract. And significantly support weight loss! Besides, a lot of them are great for connective tissue, hair, and nails, and they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Muesli, seeds, and flakes, a perfect snack, appetizer, and meal

Muesli, seeds, and flakes also mean health, youth, slim figure, and immunity. And these are just a little part of the benefits of consuming these delights. A mixture of cereals, seeds, and fruit at breakfast can be a great start to a challenging day. It will also be a great snack. Seeds contain a lot of complex carbohydrates, but also have a significant proportion of fat and protein. And including them in your meals is a simple way to health and well-being. What they contain is, of course, a very important fiber. It aids digestion and makes you feel full. It also has a beneficial effect on organisms that have problems with the heart and circulatory system. Such muesli, for example, also contains antioxidants to protect us from cancer, boost immunity, and help keep us young. And it is also the impressing wealth of vitamins A, C, E, and K, and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and selenium.