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Apricot Strudel Approx. 1 lb
Home Style Apricot cake
Bende Acacia Honey 17.6oz/500g
Acacia Honey *Akac Mez*. Hungarian Acacia Honey has rightly become world famous, because of its distinctive taste, pleasant aroma, translucent and clear colour. It is said to be the best among all kinds of honey. 17.6 oz (500g), Product of Hungary 
Bende Apricot Butter 27.5 oz 780g
Apricot Butter, *Barack Lekvar*. Like homemade. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. 27.5 oz (780g), Product of Hungary 
Bende Forest Berries Jam 12oz/340g
Forest Berries Jam, *Erdei Vegyesgyumolcs*. No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. 12 oz (340g), Product of Hungary
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Hungarian Food

Hungarian food deli store from Brooklyn, we offer: meats, cold cuts, Balaton sausages, csabai salami and sweet cherry strudel

Hungarian food deli is a category in which we have prepared a wide selection of products made in the Pannonian Basin. The moderately warm, relatively dry climate and the fertility of the soils in this area ensure the cultivation of cereals and other agricultural, horticultural, and fruit products. The Fabko online grocery store exclusively imported from there such regional European products as Balaton spicy sausages, Hungarian Style Smoked pork loin, and pork&beef salami. A characteristic feature of Hungarian meats and dishes is the high content of paprika and spicy seasonings. Those can be found in such products as Hungarian spicy ham, gyulai spicy sausages, and govedi beef gulash. Thanks to this and thanks to elements such as fresh food, no preservatives, and natural ingredients, Hungarians enjoy good health and long life. Now you too can take advantage of the benefits of their cuisine – great taste and healthy food products from Europe.

Sweeter Hungarian food deli store, apricot strudel, homestyle hazelnut, and akacia honey

However hungarian food deli is not only meats. The inhabitants of this country are also famous for their fine hungarian preserves and cakes. These are, for example, homestyle Hungarian walnut, apricot jam, and black currant jam. There is also no shortage of high-quality, delicious honey here. We especially recommend Wild Flower Honey, Multi Flower Honey, and Creamed Honey. A typical dessert from this part of Europe is the strudel. It is a kind of stuffed dough called „retes” or „retesteszta”. In our store, You can buy among the others Farmer Cheese Sweet Cherry Strudel, grandma poppy seed strudel, apricot strudel or plum strudel. We offer Hungarian pancakes too. Moreover, our customers can find on our website a vast selection of sweets and snacks. There are such products as bohoc chocolate bars, household biscuits, or filled hard candy classics. Here You can also buy famous and unique European seasonings and spices.

Gulash, Lecho, and good wine, Hungarian, traditional cuisine in a nutshell

Of all the national European cuisines, this one is by far the most piquant. Virtually every dish here is richly seasoned and filled with the ubiquitous paprika. Paprika definitely reigns here. Right next to the onion and garlic. Unlike Polish Food deli or Romanian food deli, Pannonian dishes can seem a bit exotic. And homely at the same time. Although they principally consist of ingredients well known to us, the indigenous way of preparing them makes it a completely new quality. Be it Balaton Sausages, Chestnut Puree, or Smoked Pork Loin. Unique Hungarian recipes also make these meals the one-of-a-kind. Equitable as the local Sour Cherries With Rum, Stuffed Yellow Peppers, and Smoked Bacon. Spices are definitely a hallmark of the Pannonian Lowlands cuisine. If you would like to season your favorite dish with them, there is no problem. Now you can conveniently buy Hungarian Spice Mix, Vegeta Seasoning (podravka), and Hot Paprika Bags in our store.

Dobos Torta, the one and only Hungarian Dobos cake

In Hungary, you can prepare a unique dish from simple and comfortably available ingredients. The one-pot courses prevail there. That means that even a novice cook will have no problem with them. Also, for this reason, the local delicatessen dishes can be easily and quickly prepared. At the same time, they do not lose their vitamins and nutritional values. Try our Mixed Salad, Vegetable Soup, or Lecso and see for yourself. Lovers of desserts and sweets will also find something for themselves here. Hungarians are famous for the Dobos Cake. It is a well-known, original, and delicious strudel. And from the acclaimed pancakes and delicate edible chestnut mousse as well. Dobosa Cake consists of a sponge cake with caramel and chocolate cream. It is a delicacy especially appreciated by tourists coming to the Pannonian Basin. In turn, pancakes are popular versions with walnuts and chocolate sauce.

Popular Hungarian delicacies highly appreciated by Americans

Hungarian cuisine is associated primarily with goulash, goulash soup, and paprika in various incarnations. What dishes are most often chosen by foreigners? By far, the first place is goulash (gulyas). And no wonder, because it is one of the Hungarian national dishes, known all over the world. This dish comes from the shepherd traditions of the Pannonian Lowlands. Initially, the herders made it from pieces of meat with onions and bacon. When paprika came to Hungary, it quickly joined this course, usually cooked over the fire. It is how a typical shepherd's meal has become a national dish. Only thin-crusted Hungarian pancakes (palacsinta) enjoy similar popularity among tourists. In this country that lies by the Danube, we can get them almost everywhere. It may be a variety with chicken, pork, or, most often, veal. And also a version with walnuts, raisins, orange peel, rum, and cinnamon. Traditionally served in a dark chocolate sauce.

Genuine victuals that every gourmet of hungarian food will undoubtedly enjoy

Chestnut puree is also an original delicacy that visitors appreciate. Its tradition in Hungary dates back to the 17th century. This dessert became favored immediately there because it is a country where chestnuts are widely grown. Hungarians prepare their chestnut puree from, of course, chestnuts, water, milk, vanilla, melted butter, cream, salt, and rum. The whole thing is laborious and not easy to prepare, but its taste is the best reward for the effort. In turn, the original Hungarian majas hurka is a treat chosen by the meat and cold cuts fans who come to the Pannonian Lowlands. It is a food that Europeans prepared primarily with pork tongues, pork liver, pork back fat, bacon, or lard. And with the rice addition. It is unquestionably a dish for true connoisseurs as well. Just like stuffed cabbage rolls originating from Transylvania. It is not only a typical Polish food deli dish. Stuffing vegetables is also a Christmas tradition in Hungary.

Hungarian Food online store in the US. Order goulash, sausages, and Dobos torta right to your doors

Our Hungarian food store online is a fine selection of delicacies from the Pannonian Basin. Now, they can be yours in hours! Naturally, Fabko online delivers them almost anywhere in the United States of America. Decidedly, if you are a fan of European cuisine, and the Hungarian in particular, we are here for You! Moreover, we offer a fresh and tasty Hungarian food deli imported straight from the Old Continent. We do not prepare them locally with local ingredients. Obviously, our entire stock was prepared and cooked overseas. And, of course, according to local, sometimes centuries-old recipes. Why should you choose us? Because of such delicacies as spicy sausages, lesco, goulash, or spicy ham being available immediately. And delivered right to your doors in a flash as well. The Fabko online store is a special place on the web. Here, you can find more than the essential choice of the best European deli online.

Hungarian food store online in the US. Get our cold cuts, meats, groceries, and sweets

Check our Hungarian Food store online in the US now! It allows you to enjoy the best of the local cuisines. Not only can you find here the most popular dishes like salami, goulash, or langos. Although, our variety of cold cuts may confuse many. We offer Hungarian sweets like Balaton wafers, chocolates, and Dobos cake as well. However, even all of those means only a beginning. There is a lot more. Among our stock, you can find a European bakery, dairy, and even spices or seasonings. And what is relevant, all of these may arrive at your home immediately. Fast shipping is one of our hallmarks, just like professional customer service. Decidedly, when you order with us, you can be certain about the best food quality, original ingredients, and efficient delivering process. Furthermore, we provide modern and convenient payment methods. Check for yourself how comfortable and fast shopping in our store can be.

Why is the food from Hungary so flavorful and tasty?

Undoubtedly, many tourists mention the food from this part of Europe as unique in its taste. Why is it so? Because local cuisine is uncomplicated and delicious. Traditionally, it contains meat, seasonal vegetables, fruit, and fresh bread. The widespread use of powdered red pepper, nowadays mainly sweet, is characteristic. Traditional Hungarian cuisine is dishes served in taverns with gypsy music. It has become a kind of tourist showcase of the country. And no wonder. When it comes to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, cuisine from the Pannonian Basin is, by far, the most characteristic one. Delicious meat and cold cuts, remarkable bread, bakery or pastries, and the legendary cakes make Hungary famous for its foods. The place on the internet where you can buy them all without going there is undeniably always valuable. And that is what you can do at Fabko. Visit us every time you fancy salami, sausage, or Dobos cake.

Hungarian cuisine with original ingredients at your home

Hungarian cuisine is similar to continental Central European. However, you can find some elements from Eastern Europe there. These can be, for example, the usage of poppy and the popularity of dairy (quark and kefir mostly). Of course, paprika is a trademark of Hungary. They use it almost in every dish. Typical food from the Pannonian Basin is heavy on meats, cheese, and dairy at all. Undeniably, it is mainly similar to that of neighboring Czech and Slovak cuisines. The common cold cuts are pork and beef. In turn, Hungarians eat duck, lamb, fish, or turkey ordinarily on special occasions. Besides, Hungary is mainly known all over the world for relatively cheap yet delicious salamis. And also sausages. It produces them primarily from pork, but also from beef, poultry. Also, we straightforwardly can not mention Hungarian sweets. However, what attracts the attention of visitors the most is excellent quality bread and pastries. Both sweet and dry ones.

Salami from Hungary

Hungarian Csabai salami is probably the most characteristic among South European cold cuts. This sausage's distinguishing feature is its unique and spicy taste. And this is a result of utilizing good quality raw material and specially selected seasonings. This meat works fine as an addition to sandwiches, pizzas, pasta, and salads. Although many countries in Europe produce this sausage, it is still most associated with the Pannonian Basin. And no wonder, because the local versions are considered very aromatic thanks to the addition of paprika, among other things. Local dry weather became a model environment for the slow maturation and drying of raw meat. However, even the ancient Romans knew the technique of making these delicacies. Production of salami was based on the oldest natural methods of preserving raw meat like salting, fermentation, and drying. And that's why we value this delicacy so much. It combines good flavor with natural and low-processed ingredients. Every culinary gourmet knows this.

Hungarian seasonings and spices

Many chefs in Europe consider spices from Hungary to be deep and aromatic. And no wonder, because the meals there are highly seasoned. Sweet paprika powder, hot paprika, and food vegetable seasonings are ingredients you can find in almost every dish in the Pannonian Basin. These original combinations of the benefits of nature include parsley, garlic, parsnip, carrots, and onion. Indeed, they are a suitable option for poultry, roasts, potatoes, pasta, soups, fish, and BBQs. Undoubtedly significant is that the spices blends are made there with minimal processing. It means that Hungarian spices do not lose their nutritional properties. Therefore, they are full of carotenoids, vitamin A, E, B6, and K. And calcium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus as well. On top of all this, they guarantee a really distinct and rich flavor. They will undeniably improve the taste of your favorite dish. And any meal you want to add it to.