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Wafers & Chocolate bars

Wafers & Chocolate bars. 

Wafers & Chocolate bars. Hungarian sweets and chocolates online store.

Wafers and chocolate bars, Romanian Halva, Czech Goralky, and Polish Gingerbread

Wafers and chocolate bars are frequent delicacies and snacks in Europe. Hungarians, Poles, or Romanians like to nibble on them between their meals. Undoubtedly, some of these products became pretty famous, and many visitors to the Old Continents take those with them to their countries. But you do not have to do it! You can find all those specialties right here, at! On our website, we offer, among others, Hungarian Balaton Chocolate-covered wafer bars, Romanian batons, and cocoa sticks. We also present such treats as Polish Halva Krolevska, Romanian Lemon Cream Biscuits, and Czech Goralky. Some of them are even delicacies that European people have been producing for decades. Indeed, several generations have enjoyed the taste of such snacks as energy tablets or cacao sticks. Now you can feel these sensations too. Coco wafers, walnut candy bars, and biscuits with coconuts can be at your doors even the next day after the order.

Wafers and chocolate bars, sesame seed batons, and layered tablets

Europeans often use wafers and chocolate bars as an appetizer or travel food. Contrary to appearances, they do not have to be unhealthy and rich in sugar. Kinder cocoa wafers and sesame seed ones, for example, contain a lot of wholesome milk and many vitamins. And it is not all. They provide a lot of energy. Therefore, one can use them during the walk or a more distant trip. Among our assortment in this category, you can also find some famous and renowned marks. Those can be, for example, Hungarian Sport, German Kinder, or Romanian Sedita. And also Polish Olza, Wedel, and Kopernik. Undoubtedly, they know their art perfectly. Indeed, their European confectionery is a synonym of rich flavor and unique taste sensations. Choose our sweets from the Old Continent if you want to find out about this. With our fast shipping to almost anywhere in the USA, it is even possible the next day.