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Hungarian candy, Orange Flavored Jelly Chocolates, and Tropical Fruit Drops

Hungarian candy is a delicacy that tastes precisely extraordinary. People living in the Pannonian Basin are both proud and very cordial. Although we customarily associate their country with spicy courses, they also manufacture indigenous and truly intriguing sweets. There is much more in the Hungarians' cuisine than just goulash and cabbage rolls. Only a few know that people living there make fantastic desserts as well. Indeed, even fewer acquainted their candies. And it is a shame because such products as Negro Filled Hard Candy Classic, Honey Filled, or Menthol Filled version can compete with every sugar in the USA. Exactly like Cognac Sour Cherry and Almond Christmas Candy. The land lying by the Danube is also famous for its chocolate specialties. Among them, we can find Cherry Pralines, Cocoa-Rum Flavored Chocolates, and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts. A separate matter is the Hungarian bonbons. These tiny sweets like Strawberry or Wild Berry Drops can decisively delight each palate.

Hungarian candy, Sport chocolate bars, Balaton wafers, Roasted Peanut Dragees, and Halvah with Cacao

Hungarian wafers are something that seems to be a national specialty in the country on the Danube. What do we have got here! For example, Balaton Chocolate Covered Wafer Bar, Sport Chocolate Bar, and Deva Chocolate Sticks. Usually, they are just waffles pressed together with cocoa-cream layers. Then, manufacturers coat them in milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Some of those are famous for decades, and some are fresh or new products. But in Budapest, young and old folks love them as much today as ever. Not only them. Out there, one of the most renowned and famous treats is Halva. At Fabko online store, you can find, among others, Halva with Cocoa and Sunflower Seeds and Vanilla Flavor Sesame version. And much more. We deliver the finest sweets and candies straight from Budapest. Check our Roasted Peanut Dragees, Household Biscuits, or Rum Pralines. They also are famous all over Europe.

European confectionery, sweets, sugars, bonbons, chocolate bars, and drops

European confectionery, have you ever tried it? No? So you have to! America is full of fans of these delicacies straight from the Old Continent. Now, thanks to Fabko online store, you can become one of them. What will you like? Whether will it be sunflower cookies? Or maybe Wawel Truffles in chocolate and Polish Raczki Caramel Candies? Here, on our website, you will find them whenever you need them. Wawel Michalki, Peanut Caramel Candies, and Wawel Kukulka. Undoubtedly, all these delicious products are waiting for you on the shelves of our warehouse. All you have to do is choose, make a payment and enjoy their perfect taste. When speaking about European sweets and sugars, our selection is second to none. Moreover, we choose the best and most characteristic for a specific country's sugars. Thanks to this, you can feel the local flavors without leaving your home. Be it caramel hazelnut cream or wafer. All of them are here.

Sweets from Europe, truffles, marzipan chocolates, dragees, and marshmallows stuffing

Sweets from Europe, why do we desire them so much? Undoubtedly because they taste so rich and natural. And because their sweetness comes from individual ingredients, not high sugar additives. Besides, Europeans' tradition of making candy is century-long. Decisively, the recipes for a large proportion of the products in this category date back over half a millennium. Thus, Poles, Hungarians, and Romanians achieved true mastery in the process of their production. That's why Polish dragees, Czech Christmas Sweets, or chocolate-covered marzipan taste so special. Same as Czech Rum Pralines, Vodka Liqueur chocolates, or Mozart Balls with Light Nougat. Thanks to us, you can find out about it in the privacy of your home. Undoubtedly, if you try Choco Lentils, Mini Bananas in Chocolate, or Filled Cones, you won't want any other sweets. Decidedly, in this case, the difference is considerable. Thus, order and check how do the sweets, produced according to a centuries-old tradition, taste.