Head Cheese 

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This traditional Polish head cheese consists of pieces of cooked pork mixed with gelatin and stuffed into a natural 5+ beef casing.
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Ready to eat as is. To be served cold only Delicious German Headcheese spiced with garlic. 
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Head Cheese

Head Cheese, best cold cuts from Europe. Hungarian food deli.

Head cheese, chicken in jelly and cured pork hocks.

European head cheese is one of the most sophisticated meat delights from across the Ocean. Contrary to its name, it has nothing in common with dairy cheese. It's just meat jelly, which consists flesh from the head of, mostly met, pig, or a calf. Sometimes we can equally find versions with sheep, or cow’s meet. Jelly is often set in aspic. This is undoubtedly a dish for the real connoisseurs. Exactly for them, we have prepared such delicacies as Country Brand Head Cheese, Cured and Cooked Pork Hocks (Polish golonka wieprzowa), or chicken in jelly. And also versions with garlic or made of pork tongues. Historically, these kinds of meat jellies were popular peasant food made since the Middle Ages. Currently, due to its high calorific value, jelly is often used as the meal where manual labor is performed. Simultaneously, the name brawn refers to the type of jelly prepared uniquely from a pig's head.

European head cheese in many varieties, Polish salceson, Hungarian disznosajt, and Romanian toba

European head cheese or brawn is certainly a specific delicacy. Not for everyone. Also colorful is its history. Italy is considered to be the country in which it was developed. It was usually prepared right after the pig-sticking. Principally because it could not be stocked for a long time. Although European brawn at the beginning was a dish for the more impoverished part of the society, due to its authentic taste, it quickly found its way to the tables of the rich. In the period from the 15th to the 17th century, it gained considerable popularity in the Old Continent. It also began to be made from animals other than pigs. The production of brawn has become a way to get rid of the waste of a killed animal. And at the same time – quite a tasty dish. The best brawn contains springy, lean, blood-brown muscles of the tongue and heart. Depending on the country, it may have altered names and composition.