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Polish smoked pork sausages. Polish food online store.

Polish smoked pork sausages are considered to be one of the most delicious meat treats in the Old Continent. As is commonly known, smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving food, especially meat and fish. Products exposed to heat and compounds contained in smoke, acquire a unique taste and aroma. But sometimes also become a source of substances hazardous to health. This is what makes Polish Grillowa Kielbasa, Hungarian Balaton sausage, or Csipos Gyulai Kolbasz taste so great. Just like delicacies from Europe such as Hungarian Debrezinger, Sremska Kobasica, and Double Smoked Polish Sausage. This way of preparing meats and cold cuts is across the Ocean long and glorious tradition and has accompanied the local population for centuries. In addition to its preservative effect, smoke also has the properties of flavoring meat, fish, cheese, and some fruit. It also gives them a golden brown color. Furthermore, it allows the shelf life of treated products to be extended.

Polish food online store

Smoked food has been accompanying the inhabitants of the Old Continent for centuries. The first furnaces used to carry it out there came from the Stone Age. Today, many houses in the suburbs or European villages have their backyard smokehouses. Therefore, there is no doubt that Poles, Hungarians, Romanians, or Germans have mastered this art to perfection! Their recipes for Old Country Polish Style Sausage, Kabanosy or Hungarian Pork and Beef are second to none. Some of the smoke constituents have properties that inhibit the growth and multiplication of microorganisms, which extends the shelf life of treated products. That is why these types of victuals work so well as a packed lunch or board while traveling. Besides, each product processed according to this technique has an indigenous aroma and taste. Fabko online store invites you to see how the smoked specialties taste. We can deliver them to you in almost every place in the United States.

Aromatic and delicious, smoked European cold cuts

Why smoked meat tastes so good? Undoubtedly, for a good reason. Europeans consider products processed in this way as luxurious ones. Their aroma, taste, and texture are impossible to imitate. Mainly because they usually contain a lot of meat itself. Therefore, you can consider a smoked ham as the tastiest. But to achieve this effect, a lot of work needs to be done. Smoking is nothing more than preserving meat by drying it. Europeans use for this process various types of wood, often from fruit trees. Hence, this is where the unique aroma of traditional cold meats comes. There are three types of drying: cold, warm, and hot. Each provides a slightly different experience. And it also allows you to enjoy other flavors. All this makes the world of dried cold cuts so attractive for every meat fan. Indeed, there is virtually no end to this journey. And every stop on this road means new, unique sensations.

Why dried Polish pork sausages and onion Liverwurst taste so good?

Thanks to this treatment, accurately. During the process, the meat loses excess moisture, thanks to which it stays fresh longer. That is why European homemade hams are habitually quite dry. And, of course, the usage of this process habitually enhances their taste and smell. Indeed, you can recognize the fine-smoked victuals by the one characteristic feature. It is the typical brown, dried crust. It ensures juiciness and will also look beautiful on a cold cuts board. However, smoking is also of practical importance. It protects against bacteria. Undoubtedly, thanks to the drying process, they do not become rancid and deteriorate more slowly. What is the most passionate about drying is the richness of flavors here. As we mentioned, both taste and smell depend on the type of wood used, the method of smoking (cold and warm), and the temperature used. For these reasons, we consider smoked meats as nobler, higher-quality, and at the same time slightly more expensive.

European cold cuts prepared with aromatic Smoke

Smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving food of animal origin. The technological purpose of this process is also to impart specific sensory characteristics to products. These can be color, taste, or smell. The heat treatment itself fluffs up and dries out products such as sausages, fish, or other European meats. Smoke, on the other hand, improves their flavor and aroma. It makes them look better, moreover. However, for these processes to be the least harmful to the human body, the quality of the meat itself and its freshness must be of a good grade. Unfortunately, in this day and age of ubiquitous preservatives, freezing, and added water, those are hard to come by. In the case of sausages from Hungary, Poland, or Romania, the circumstances are more promising. On the Old Continent, manufacturers attach great importance to the naturalness of cured meats. Therefore, the effects of their processing are less harmful.

Meet the benefits of smoked and dried foods

Among many advantages of Hungarian smoked cold cuts, the first is, above all, the supply of valuable substances to the body. Smoking preserves the nutritional value of meat much better than frying or boiling. There is also very little pure fat in such dishes. Indeed, this method melts and partially drips fat off the products hanging on the hooks. The rest soaks through the meat and gives it a rich flavor and aroma. Yes, the fat is what carries the aromas, smell, and spices. Many communities claim that this process can be harmful. However, the evidence for this seems to be not very convincing. Let's not be afraid to consume smoked foods from the Old Continent. They can be a great addition to our daily diet. Of course, you should undeniably choose products of proven origin, preferably groceries from Eastern Europe. Do it to ensure that the producer carried out the smoking process correctly.