Romanian and Hungarian Cheese. 

Hungarian cheese, we offer the best products from the Pannonian Basin. Among the most popular cheeses are Gouda, Edam, and Ementaler. 

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Romanian and Hungarian Cheese. 

Romanian and Hungarian Cheese. European Dairy online store.

Cheeses form Hungary and Romania like Carpathian Kashkaval or Sheep Feta

Cheeses are products of which Europeans can unquestionably be proud. They are undeniably one of the most popular delicacies in each part of the Old Continent. Moreover, they can be snacks with wine, additions to sandwiches, and also separated meals. Therefore, it is hard to miss them in our stock. On our webpage, clients can find such victuals as Polish Old Style cheese, Romanian Branza de Burduf, and Carpathian Kashkaval. However, it is only the beginning of a delicious journey into the world of these dairy products from Poland, Hungary, and Romania. Our Kashkaval, for example, comes here in many varieties. Same as Danish Brie, Danish Camembert, or Greek Feta. It is undoubtedly a selection that will not leave any dairy fan indifferent. There are, among others, yellow, smoked, and white ones. Each of them is an example of a unique and healthy European production process. Are you a gourmet of Rycki or Edam? You must try them all!

Romanian online grocery store

Cheeses are what Europeans love so much. And no wonder. The ways of serving and consuming them in Europe are countless. The Fabko online store delivers a fine selection of the most representative types of these dairy products. We offer Greek feta, Hochland Processed cheese, and the Romanian goat one. Besides, we offer such rare regional varieties as Romanian Bryndza, Travnicki, and Greek Kefalograviera. Anyone who has been to the Old Continent and tried these wonderful things knows what to expect from them. You will certainly not be able to resist! Whether it is for sandwiches, alcohol, or as an appetizer. Undeniably, they will be an original decoration of each table. Privately, we love these products (both from cow's and goat's milk). Therefore, we selected its content with great care and very carefully. To allow our customers to enjoy heavenly, rich, and healthy flavors of natural dairy products.

Hungarian cuisine essential dairy products

Although we inseparably associate Hungarian cuisine with goulash, it has much more to offer. A somewhat niche, but crucial subject on the Hungarian menu is cheese. And Hungarians are unusually good at making them. No wonder because they need them for such dishes as langos or their excellent wines. There are plenty of dairies they produce in the Pannonian Basin. Among the most popular are Gouda, Edam, and Ementaler. And also types such as Karaván, Pannonia, Túró and Pálpusztai. These range from crumbly quark versions to cream ones or ewe ones. Of course, almost all of them are specially seasoned - usually with paprika. Although we can not compare the consumption of these goods in Hungary with ones in France, for example, it is still a relevant dairy product in this country. In every grocery store or supermarket in Budapest, you can find a pretty wide selection of various kinds of cheeses.

Branza de Burduf and other delicacies from the Romanian dairy menu

Original Romanian cheeses are a guarantee of unique taste and high quality. These are delightfully tasty products originating from the best milk. They are also accurately treated and carefully processed. In this country, homemade versions are as delicious as those produced by dairy plants. In Romania, it is not unusual to eat homemade products in luxury hotels' restaurants. Because there, what matters most is their naturalness and good taste. In this still largely rural country, cheeses have many uses. You can frequently meet them, among other things, in casseroles, vegetable salads, all kinds of sandwich spreads, or mousses. It is not uncommon for Kashkaval or Bryndza to serve as a filling for meat dishes. They are also available as a delicacy on their own. It can be a snack or a grilled version. Dairy goods made from sheep's milk are vastly widespread in this country. This fact should not be surprising, considering that the breeding culture still exists extensively there.

Best cheese from Europe

Depending on the part of the Old Continent and its region, Europeans consume their cheeses in various ways. These dairy products from across the Ocean may differ mainly in their names, texture, or taste. However, also in the way that Hungarians, Poles, or Romanians serve them. Indeed, the cultural tradition of serving European cheese is often at the heart of savoring this product. Some of them are a suitable accompaniment to bread. Or as an ingredient emphasizing the taste of a dish. In Poland, for example, folks often associate cheese with a dry menu. But in some Old Continent's regions, this is not necessarily the case. Be it Gouda. It is one of the most renowned Dutch yellow ones. However, also in Poland, its production is already a tradition, passed from generation to generation. Mainly thanks to its mild taste and broad possibilities of application. This delicacy will prove itself suitable with casseroles, pizzas, toasts, or more sophisticated propositions such as fondue.

Check Polish curd, white, and cottage cheese

European curd, also known as cottage cheese, is a valuable product. Rich in vitamins and minerals essential for our body. Poles, Hungarians, and Romanians make a traditional version of this dairy product from milk. And they have made it since ancient times. Firstly using goat's or sheep's milk and only later cow's milk. Undeniably, cottage cheese should appear in our diet as often as possible. Why? First of all, it is an excellent source of complete protein, which our body needs to function. In addition, it contains many amino acids, which our body can not produce on its own. So we need to provide them with our food. They are crucial because they are involved in rebuilding damaged cells and creating new ones. At Fabko online store, you can select between Polish, Romanian, or Hungarian Curd. Regardless of their origin, each one tastes simply delicious. Check their great taste and aroma.