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Best polish pork sausages

Polish pork sausages category in our store is a real paradise for high-quality cold cuts lovers. Our offer of victuals such as German bratwurst, Hungarian bratwurst, or Polish dry hunter's (kielbasa mysliwska) is very wide. We are convinced that real gourmets will stay here for longer, enjoying such national treasures from Europe as Sremska Kobasica, Hungarian Bathory salami and Krainerwurst smoked. This quality selection is genuinely impressive and we are certain that no connoisseur of meat cuisine will pass by indifferently. We have the most popular cold cut products from such countries of the Old Continent as Romania, Germany, Hungary, and Poland. Behind such slightly exotic names as kiszka (kischka), Debreziners, spekacky, or Swojska (homely), there are high-quality victuals that will satisfy the most demanding meat-eaters. Very little is needed to order and receive them. You just need to enter our website and select what you relish. It couldn’t be more simple.

Polish grocery store

Polish sausages are renowned for their exquisite and rich taste. It is not only a matter of meat itself, although it is among the most wholesome in the world. Germans, Poles, Hungarians, and Romanians primarily care for the welfare of domestic animals and their good feeding. As a result, their meat is aromatic, nourishing, and free of artificial additives. Moreover, Europeans love to dry, smoke, and season their meats richly, especially with aromatic herbs. That is why the taste of products such as Swiss cheese knackers, tourist brand kielbasa, or German garlic bologna is so unique. Besides, following the idea of using each part of the animal, they equally make original meats like farmer’s liver, goose liver, or blood sausage. All of them, of course, available on the website of our store. For less experienced gourmets, they can be a bit of a challenge. But properly prepared they are just delicious.

European pork sausages, natural home style meals, hungarian food, romanian and polish cousine in our online food store.

Polish pork sausages and Czech beef sausages

It is no secret that Europeans like a barbecue at least as much as the Americans. The local selection of BBQ meats is quite large. Depending on your preferences, you can choose white sausage, thinner, and more oily ones. And also with a predominance of veal or pork. Moreover, there are versions specially prepared for the barbecue too. These can be, for example, Polish Grilowa or Stiglmeier Grill Bratwurst. Indeed, when you buy them from us, you can be sure that they will be of the finest quality. Our products are primarily a shortlist of healthy ingredients. That means high-quality meat, spices, and no preservatives at all. Besides, the manufacturers of our articles usually put them in a natural intestine casing. In addition, most of our products are free of nitrates, saltpeter, soy, and wheat proteins. We also avoid flavor enhancers such as glucose, potato starch, and monosodium glutamate in our stock.

Meat delicacies from Europe immediately delivered to your doorstep

If you are looking for high-quality meat products from Central and Eastern Europe, you've come to the right place. The Fabko online store is not only Polish, Romanian or Hungarian sausages. Every fan or gourmet of meat products will find what they are looking for with us. We import for you the best products that tourists who visit the Old Continent crave on the spot. You don't have to fly across the ocean to enjoy delicacies such as ham, loins, salami, or wieners. We will deliver them to your door at once. Replace your cold cuts with the ones we offer, and you will see how great a meat product can taste. The ones that we offer are often the result of hundreds of years of butchering tradition. They remain unique both in the preparation and production process. We have no doubts that our assortment will change the way you think about meat.

Imported German cold cuts

German cold cuts are a staple in any local household. Traditionally, they are made of pork and beef with vegetables, spices, and salt. We can say that a German word for this kind of victual is actually sausage. This delicacy is a result of grinding the meat and chopping it into small pieces. The whole mixture then boils in water or beer until the surface of the liquid turns brown. One can serve it with bread or mustard sauce. Another renowned German cold cut is Wienerschnitzel - a thick veal sausage. Then goes Liverwurst - salt-cured pork liver one. Also worth mentioning is Weisswurst - a version coming from Bavaria. Undoubtedly, anyone who tasted these delicacies at least once will never forget their taste for the rest of his life. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about it, because you can buy them in our online store. And what's more - we import them straight from Europe.

What makes European sausages so good

Pretty everything. If we wanted to indicate the most famous sausage worldwide, it would be one from the Old Continent. Perhaps Polish or German. Why is it so? Well, first of all, it has a distinctive taste and texture. This cold cut often contains a mix of spices and herbs. And sometimes even beer, milk, or wine. However, the key to flavor remains the meat that the producer used during the whole process. And also the fat content, curing time, salt content with the ingredients used (often spices and herbs). Poles, Hungarians, and Germans always provide top-quality while preparing the meat. Add a proper fermentation time and appropriate cooking method (grilling or oven) at controlled temperature - and the mystery is solved. Undeniably, the great thing about these cold cuts from the Old Continent is such broad selection. There are versions not only from pork but also from venison, chicken, or even turkey.