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Natural syrups from Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech

Syrups from Poland will attract children for sure. Those produced in the Central and Eastern European countries stand out primarily by a high percentage of fruit extract. And also by the lack of artificial sweeteners or colors. On our website, you will find syrups from fruits such as strawberry, blackcurrant, cherry, elderberry, and lemon. We also offer more sophisticated flavors. Among them, such as raspberry with lemon, raspberry with rosehip, and sour cherry. Our products in this category are best suited as a healthy way to quench your thirst. Just add it to a glass of cool water, mix, and that's it. They will certainly prove to be a good substitute for heavily sweetened carbonated drinks and cola. Our products do not contain any artificial ingredients or sweeteners. They distinguish themselves with a high concentration of the extract and natural preservatives. There is nothing better on a hot day than a glass of cool water with soluble juice.

Syrups from the strawberry, cherry, blackcurrant, and lemon. Online grocery store.

Syrups will also be useful for other applications. You can use them as fruit juice for tea, desserts, and even drinks. They have not only a unique taste but also many health-promoting properties. The times, when producers added huge amounts of sugar to them, are a thing of the past. Currently, these types of water-soluble juices are made of large amounts of fruit and often enriched with vitamins. Many of them have vitamins A and C, and carbohydrates. Used and diluted in reasonable proportions, they do not have to be caloric at all. Thanks to them, you can make very sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing drinks, because their vivid colors (obtained by using natural dyes) attract the eye. Another drink with added fruit syrup can be lemonade. Furthermore, we can also use it for dishes. Of course, it is most often met with pancakes. Ready-made pancakes with filling are enough to pour, for example, raspberry juice. It is a similar way to waffles.

Soluble juices from Europe, Polish drinks, Hungarian beverages

Soluble juices do not seem particularly healthy at first glance. Undeniable, they contain sugar, so they undoubtedly have to be unhealthy. However, not necessarily. The times when juices contained only sugar and artificial flavor are gone forever. Faced with stiff competition, manufacturers had to move towards making their products more healthy. That is why modern soluble syrups are at least acceptable. And they are getting healthier every year. Besides, many of them no longer contain sugar. And if so, in limited quantities. Instead, we can find more and more beta-carotene, vitamin C, or vitamin E. In Europe, on the other hand, the process went much further. There, the vitamin content in this type of product is much higher. It is because soluble juices are popular there as uncomplicated cooling drinks. This fact gives us the best evidence that they are worth buying them at our store. And then enjoy their original taste on some hot day.

Soluble juices, for desserts, hot drinks, and cold drinks

Soluble juices also are a perfect idea for a drink for breakfast, dinner, or supper. There, in Eastern Europe, a tradition of preparing syrups has a long tradition. Usually, even the doctors recommend them in case of many ailments. And there are manufacturers (like Polish Herbapol) which produce reliably wholesome ones. These syrups do not contain any preservatives or dyes. The companies, moreover, make them according to a traditional recipe, full of fruits' flavors and aromas. Besides, they are perfect for cold and hot drinks. And also for breakfasts, desserts, and main courses. These can be pancakes or waffles, for example. Undoubtedly, the inhabitants of the Old Continent have been choosing these juices for generations. Our offer in this category includes many flavor variants. However, a raspberry one is known for its warming properties. High-quality drinks also support the immune system, especially in children. And, first of all, they are perfect with tea during the winter months.