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Polish deli store from Brooklyn, we also offer Hungarian and Romanian food.

Polish deli store with regional food, choose Polish pierogi or Hungarian goulash over a cheeseburger and fries. You can find us at 4604 New Utrecht ave Brooklyn 11219 NY.

European regional food definitely makes a difference. Are you bored with the same meals or unwholesome fast food over and over? Try what Europeans eat every day. Their cuisine is appreciated to be free from preservatives, great taste, and good for the body. Thanks to our online service, you can order Czech potato dumplings (knedliky), Polish bigos (hunter stew), or Hungarian sausages at any time. It is a brilliant suggestion for a nourishing meal for the whole family. Treat yourself to a culinary journey through the European food corners, renowned of the most delicious dishes. Learn about age-old recipes, original combinations, and traditional meals. Sometimes extremely simple, but that is what makes them so unusual. You can also choose from Balkan dairy food, German pastries, bakery, sweets, cold cuts, and many, many more. We are convinced that every member of your family will discover something to enjoy here. Feel free to browse!

Tasty Polish food at Fabko online grocery store located in Brooklyn, New York. Flavors from across the Ocean You will love

The European regional food you can gather in our online store is a selection of the most gourmet meals, mainly from the eastern part of the Old Continent. And also the favored ones, usually associated with specific regions. They are desired in the USA mainly because they are tasty, healthy, and varied. Fabko online store was created precisely to provide you all those legendary dishes that everyone who traveled around Europe happily remembers. On our pages, you will principally find Hungarian food and Romanian eating. Moreover, Polish courses and Czech meals. For your convenience, we have grouped our delicacies into friendly categories corresponding to the regions. Thanks to them, you will be capable to view what is currently on our offer. And also to check the recent deliveries. Thanks to the advanced search engine, you will rapidly find what you are looking for. The ordered goods, with a few exceptions, are quickly shipped to virtually anywhere in the USA. Fabko European deli store.

Polish food deli Brooklyn, a wide selection of the most renowned meals and courses

Polish cuisine articles are known, first of all, for its extraordinarily delicious dishes. Everyone who visits this country delights with the taste of such courses as Pierogi With Spinach, Bigos (hunter stew), or Cabbage Heads (gołąbki). And also with delicious soups such as Red Borch Soup (barszcz) or Żurek Sour Soup. The cuisine of this country shows strong influence by a large number of historically inhabiting nations. Among them were Mongolians, Tatars, Turks, and Jews. And also Italians, Germans, and French. These influences’ effect is the great diversity of dishes and their above-average wealth. Poles are also famous for their excellent quality of meats and cold cuts. These can be, for example, Cured and Cooked Pork Hocks (Golonka) or Pork Fatback (Slanina). Foods from the heart of Europe are also famous for being healthy, but also quite fatty. However, it is the large content of healthy fats that makes Polish dishes delight with the richness and fullness of flavors.

Hungarian Food deli, meat, fruits, honey, and confitures straight from the Pannonian Lowlands

Hungarian cuisine is quite similar to the Polish one. But unlike it, it is significantly spicier and more aromatic. Its characteristic feature is paprika present almost everywhere. Be it Kolozsvari Smoked Bacon, Smoked Sausage (Gyulagi Kolbazs), or Csabai Salami. Virtually every Hungarian meat has a strong aftertaste of paprika and exotic spices. Exactly like in typical Hungarian dishes such as goulash, Lecho, and paprikash. The Pannonian Lowland is also a place where cereals, fruit, and vegetables ripen in full sun. The result of their cultivation is high-quality Apricot Butter, Blackcurrant Jam, and Forest Berries Jam. The meadows and forests also provide such unique products as Acacia Honey, Sour Cherry Compote, and Plum Halves Compote. Besides, Budapest is famous for its unique sweets. Here are Cherry Pralines, Marzipan Candies, and, first of all, the famous Dobos Torta (Dobos Cake). All these victuals can appear on your table. Just order them at Fabko online store, and we will take care of the rest.

A friendly online store to buy European edibles from

We live in a day and age where everything is available at our fingertips. But what about European food in the US? It is still surprisingly hard to find. In recent years, interest in such imports has significantly increased. Why? Because people want authentic edibles lacking artificial additives or heavy processing. When people think about importing food to America, they usually imagine a container full of conserved groceries. But not anymore! Our online shop sells natural and fresh food from overseas. We have been doing this for many years, and we have many satisfied customers. Fast shipping and functional packaging allow us to maintain freshness and good quality products. Undoubtedly, our professional approach and caring make them remain precisely that way. Indeed, customer pleasure is essential for us. We want our clients to enjoy original Polish, Romanian, or Hungarian flavors. That's why we make every effort to guarantee delivery to every address in the USA.

Balkan-style edibles with all-natural, gourmet ajvar

The Balkan Peninsula has unique cuisine - a mix of Turkish, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern culinary traditions. It is one of the most well-known cuisines worldwide. The dishes are generally spicy or have a significant flavor to them. Croatians, Serbs, or Macedonians prepare their meals habitually from beef, lamb, eggs, pork, vegetables, and cheese. Undeniably, very relevant for those are the sauces and condiments to make the meals taste better. Among used additions, aside from the hot zakuska and roasted red peppers, the most renowned one is Macedonian ajvar. It's a spread that originated in Serbian cuisine but is now a solid point in the menu throughout the Balkans. Fabko online store offers you several varieties of this delicacy. It may be, for example, homemade ajvar, mild, or spicy one. It's only up to you whether you serve it with sandwiches, pasta or ground meat. This condiment will also work optimally as a dip.