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Butter & Margarines

Polish butter, online grocery store

Online grocery store offers Polish butter and other European dairy products that have both opponents and supporters. And no wonder, because each one has its pros and cons. We believe, however, that both Polish Classic Butter and German Feine Margarine are healthy if used responsibly. Good butter is a caloric product. It contains up to 90 percent milkfat. And we should consume as little of this as possible. Fortunately, we don't usually use much of it, for example for sandwiches. Besides, the CLA acids, which allegedly can aid weight loss, give many health properties to them. This dairy option also contains fat-soluble vitamins (A and D) and small amounts of vitamin E. However, scientific studies generally prove that it is not harmful to human health. And this is a rational reason to enjoy its taste. Especially when you can buy the European version here, at Fabko online store. With our fast delivery, you can spread it on your sandwiches even tomorrow.

Butters and margarine from Europe

Butters and margarine in our offer undoubtedly will meet your expectations. For the latter, we can offer something simultaneously delicious and healthy. Almost everyone associates margarine with vegetable fat. However, there are also versions based on fish fat, for example. There are two types of these products, soft and hard. Hard ones resemble butter, while soft ones are usually used to spread on bread. But are they wholesome and healthy? If we rationally use them, yes. They can help us lose weight and lower our cholesterol levels. Products like German Rama Margarine in particular. In addition, they are also suitable for baking, cooking, and spreading. This makes the cake less fatty and therefore healthier. Needless to say, products from Europe are much wholesomer in this regard. More natural production methods and less processed products make it a desirable option for dairy fans. Without a doubt, it allows them to enjoy good taste and better health.