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Farmers Sausage Cooked 1lb (2 links) Stiglmeier
Farmers sausage is a very rich pork and pork liver sausage. It’s a versatile sausage due to its rich flavor and perfect for a German style meal. 
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German Brand Mortadella with pickles approx 1lb Stiglmeier
German Style Mortadella is a sausage meat mixture of pork, beef, and veal. small cubes of pork fat and pickles are sure to add extra flavor to any sandwich. 
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Krakowska dry sausage Approx 1 lb
Excellent cold cut for sandwiches or as a snack between meals.
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Short Polish Beer Sausage, Zywiecka Pork Sausage 1-1.2 lb
Pork and Beef Fully Cooked sausage, smoked and slightly dried.
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Smoked Pork Shoulder approx. 0.8 lb
Polish Style smoked pork shoulder. Ideal cold cut for tasty sandwiches. 1 piece 1 lb
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Spiced Ham 1lbs
A traditional Polish luncheon meat with a little kick. Surely to bring the heat to any sandwich. This spicy ham includes: minced pork with a little jelly and melted fat, spiced with white pepper, onion powder, and other spices giving Mielonka a unique flavor.
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Sandwich meats

Polish sandwich meats, the best cold cuts. Polish food store online.

Europeans love sandwich meats. And a breadstuff in peculiar. You can safely dare to claim that it is the most common snack on the Old Continent. Equally, often, moreover, they like to put meat between the slices of bread. It can be, for example, German mortadella, Alpine sausage, or Delicatess Brand Liverwurst. Or also German Schmaltz, Krakowska Dry Sausage, or Smoked Pork Shoulder. Whether it's for work, school, or a trip, Poles, Hungarians, and Romanians always bring a reviviscent sandwich. Various types of meat end up in the bread then. They can be Beer Sausages or Garlic Bologna. However, you can also meet Farmers Sausage Cooked and even Polish head cheese there. In European philosophy, such a meal has to give energy between or instead of main courses. With our products in this category, it undoubtedly does. Thanks to Fabko online store, you can see it for yourself. Choose high quality and fast shipping.

Polish meats for sandwiches, sausages, mortadella, and wieners

There is a special place for a sandwich on the European menus. This type of meal has been known since antiquity. It demands a tiny amount of time and is pretty simple to make. Undoubtedly, this is why it remains a popular dish for breakfast, lunch, or picnic. However, Poles consume it even for dinner. They are, moreover, very versatile and comprehensive. One can take them almost everywhere. Luckily, they do not need any cutlery or plates for consumption. Besides, they are filling and wholesome meals. Especially when they contain meat and proteins. This is always a perfect combination. Indeed, on the Old Continent, sandwiches are literally an industry. You can find endless amounts of recipes and ways to prepare them. Staring from simple combinations, even for very sophisticated ones. Not only ones with cheese, egg, vegetables, or pastes. You can find even the ones with caviar, salmon, olives, and capers there. They are typical for parties and gatherings.

Sandwich meats from Europe

Sandwich meats from Europe are a quick and convenient way to make a filling snack. They can undeniably be a regular part of a healthy diet too. It is both a good option for breakfast and dinner. We also take them to work and consume them on the school break. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that it contains valuable products. The meats and cold cuts we offer are just that. Tasty, delicious, and wholesome. If you are a fan of bread and cold cuts, this is a suitable option. We offer you natural and often homemade products. They undoubtedly will delight you with their aroma. Polish Smoked Shoulder, Spliced Ham (Mielonka), or Cured and Cooked Pork Hocks (Golonka Wieprzowa) are the best evidence of that. Just cut off a slice and put it between two pieces of bread. And then let the original flavor they will create carry you away.

How to prepare a healthy and delicious sandwich?

When preparing such a meal, the main thing is good quality ingredients. Undoubtedly, when it comes to bread, fragrant wholemeal sourdough is optimal. It can even be several days old. It should also include a valuable source of protein. Proteins are a crucial element for a well-functioning body and should include in every main meal. European meats, sausages, and cold cuts are undeniably a good idea in this case. Short Polish Beer Sausage (Zywiecka), Krakowska Dry Sausage, or Mortadella with pickles will work fine here. Of course, don't forget to add vegetables as well. Radishes, cucumbers, or red beans come to mind at first. They will simultaneously enrich the taste and increase the number of valuable nutrients. You can also think of a suitable but not too calorific and fatty sauce. All this will create a delicious combination and undoubtedly give you energy for a long time.

Where to find a good sausage for a sandwich?

Significantly, meat from Europe does not have harmful chemicals in its composition. As you know, it is not easy to find such a product in a nearby supermarket nowadays. People living in Poland, Romania, and Hungary buy cold meat with the most essential and natural composition possible. At Fabko online store, we import just such. We offer Polish Krakowska Dry Sausage, German Beer Sausage, and Tyrol Ham Loaf. They are both tasty and healthy products. Sandwiches containing them are a great idea both on the road, for a walk, and for children to school. If you think American meat is not natural enough, choose cold cuts from Hungary, Poland, and Romania. And also food from Europe. There, fidelity to nature is still important in its production, even at the expense of shelf life. Besides, especially in the eastern and central parts of the Old Continent, the traditional meat production methods are still alive.

Meet a healthy, tasty snack and a regular meal

There is probably no more tasty snack than a sandwich with cold cuts for meat gourmets. You can eat them both for breakfast, second breakfast and dinner. What kind of meats for sandwiches work best? What is worth adding to bread apart from cheese, tomato, and lettuce? You can, for example, diversify your appetizers with Polish spiced ham. Aromatic, delicious slices go perfectly with vegetables and dairy products. They are nutritious and provide a feeling of satiety for a long time too. However, ham on sandwiches is not the only solution. Nothing stands in the way of enjoying other good products without preservatives! Indeed, a traditional Polish ring dark sausage, which quickly satisfies hunger and smells beautifully, is excellent for this purpose. Our other suggestion is Garlic Bologna. It is tasty victual that suits well to any bread. Our assortment is not only a pleasant way to start a new day. Additionally, it is a satisfactory way to gain energy.