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Soups, Mixes & Soup Bases

Sour Soup Zurek. Polish food, online grocery store.

Sour soup Zurek and other soups bases in Fabko online store are a category in which we give you the opportunity to taste great dishes of this kind from Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. In the cuisines of Central and Eastern Europe, soups are treated as a complete meal and often replace a regular dinner. Thanks to our offer, you will be able to taste the legendary food names such as Polish Style Mushroom With Barley Soup (Krupnik), Polish Style Red Borscht (Borscht), or White Borscht. And the famous Polish Sour Soup (Zurek) as well. Countries in this part of the world are known for their soups being thick and full of delicious toppings. Examples include Beef Tripe Soup (Flaki), Beetroot Soup, or Hungarian Goulash Mix. Above all, it is a richness of flavors, nutrients, and pure pleasure as well. We guarantee that these dishes will change your mind about liquid meals in general.

Soups and soup bases like cream of broccoli or borscht with greens

Soups, mixes, and soups bases on our pages is a category, where you can find ready meals, semi-finished products, instants, or fixes. This allows you to choose whether you want to taste the ready course, prepare it, or finish it by yourself. That is why our assortment includes Boletus Instant, Onion With Croutons Instant, Red Borscht Instant, and Mushroom Instant. But also Boulion Cubes (Broth), Sour Soup Concentrate, Beetroot Concentrate, and Sourdough for White Borscht. We also do not neglect spices and additives. This category includes Sauce for Roast, White Gravy Sauce, Hungarian Fish Mix, and Fix Cabbage Without Calling, among others. Why should we definitely eat soups? For many reasons. The most important one is, of course, the fact that they are filling, but not fattening. They also provide us with a lot of nutrients. Furthermore, they perfectly warm up the body and are easy to prepare. And of course, they are the best way to eat vegetables.