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Bigos and Bean Stew, Polish food store.

Bigos and Bean Stew, Polish food store. Fresh and delicious delivered straight to your door. Eastern European dishes, satiating Romanian meals, Polish courses, and Czech dinners.

Eastern European dishes are known to be nutritious and satiating. For the inhabitants of this part of the Old Continent, lunch is the principal meal of the day. That is why it is high in calories and usually meat. Ordinarily, it is also very well seasoned. So that you can get as much flavor as possible from the meat. Good examples of typical Hungarian, Romanian, or Balkan dinners are, among others, bean stew, beef goulash or beef tripe soup. These are traditional dishes, prepared according to very old recipes. On one hand, they were supposed to provide energy for manual labor, and on the other hand, they were a form of consuming every part of a killed domestic animal. Just like meals such as pork stew, pork jelly, pork&gherkin tomato rolls in tomato sauce. How it was used and seasoned here should surely satisfy the biggest meat fans.

European dishes for vegetarians, bigos, cabbage rolls and pickles in brine

European dishes can deliver to you the energy for the whole day. But they are principally an option for meat-eaters. But what if you don't eat meat? You do not have to worry. Hungarian, Balkan, and Polish cuisine also offer vegetarian meals. They include vegetarian bigos (vegetarian sauerkraut with mushrooms), stuffed cabbage, and Czech potato dumplings. And also many porridge dishes. In the cuisines of these nations, they are a remnant of dishes that were eaten by the more impoverished part of society every day. However, these were meals no less nutritious and certainly no less tasty. Very often they were quite inventive dishes, using agricultural produce and fruit. All this together definitely did not affect their food or its quality in any way. And certainly not for the exquisite taste. See for yourself what the cuisine of the peoples of the Old Continent has to offer.

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