European dumplings in Fabko online store. Polish uszka and other delights

European dumplings in our online store represent a broad selection of these popular dishes, usually associated with Poland or Ukraine. In these countries, they are the most common additions to soups, but also appear as separate meals. The most favored ones are the Polish uszka, so named because of their shape similar to that of a human ear. Name „uszka” means „little ears” They are assumed as the smaller and more twisted version of pierogi. They differ most often by the type of filling. This can be dumplings filled with mushrooms (vegetarian version) and so often – with minced meat. Anyone who has tried this dish once will never forget it. Now you too can enjoy it at home without traveling to Europe. Our offer includes a wide selection of traditional European courses every day hosted by Hungarians, Romanians, and Poles. We are shipping those victuals to almost every place in the United States.

European dumplings, Christmas Eve with flavors from across the Ocean

European dumplings are also a leading part of traditional Christmas Eve dishes in Poland and Ukraine. These nations serve them with borsch (barszcz). But these can be eaten merely with melted butter and herbs as well. It is a dish that never ceases to taste, and it never gets boring. If you want to provide your family with an unforgettable taste experience during Christmas Eve, dumplings filled with mushrooms will be a superior choice. You can include them in the mushroom soup or serve them individually. Uszka will also work as an excellent side dish. Do not wait any longer! At our web pages, you can browse, select, and order everything that seems to be interesting. The rest is our job. We guarantee that your food arrives securely packed, fresh, tasty, and ready to be prepared.

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