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Hungarian sandwich spreads, ajvar, halva, paprika cream, and more

Sandwich spreads are a quick and convenient way to make a satiating meal. Just spread them on bread and ready. A healthy and nutritious dish that you can eat regardless of the time of day. Europeans, however, like them the most for breakfast. In our online shop, you will find many types of these delicacies. You can apply them to your favorite bakery products and more. We can offer, for example, Hot Roasted Pepper Ajvar, Balkan Zacusca Hot, and Beetroot with Horseradish. Undoubtedly, the sandwiches with these spreads will taste delicious. It's pretty much the same as with Soy Pate With Peppers, Paprika Cream, and Cocoa Halva. Pastes taste great with fragrant wholemeal bread, baguette, and crispy croutons. They also go well with fresh and roasted vegetables or meats. Indeed, it is only up to you to where you will add them. Greek Style Caviar, Truffle Sauce, or Polish Mayonnaise? At Fabko online store, you are free to choose.

Sandwich spreads from Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Balkans

Sandwich spreads are also a source of nutrients. Besides, they are usually more easily digestible, healthier, and cheaper than traditional bread additions. Butter, cold cuts, or cheese to compare. Their advantages are the ease of preparation, attractive appearance, and variety of smell and taste. Their undoubted benefit is also versatility. They remain not only an everyday nutrition bomb. We can include them also in menus prepared for special occasions. These can be banquets, picnics, or other social gatherings. Olive pate, Roasted Red Peppers, and tahini are always a good idea. Of course, we can use them not only for bread. Pastes can be a filling in pancakes, dumplings, or vegetables too. They also work fine as a garnish for various dishes. The multitude of flavors and versatility make those delicacies beloved worldwide. Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Italy - each of those countries produce their own versions. Thanks to the Fabko online store, you can check how they taste.