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Breads & Rolls

Breads & Rolls. European Bakery and Pastries.

Breads & Rolls. European Bakery and Pastries from Hungary, Czech and Romania.

Bread and rolls, plum, poppy seed, and hazelnut ones. Hungarian food online storel

Bread and rolls are those of the European delicacies that are probably most appreciated by tourists arriving there. And no wonder because this unique combination of yeast dough, poppy seed, and frosting tastes straightforwardly extraordinary. Furthermore, it is a suitable addition to coffee and other hot drinks. Thus, we decided to add this kind of European bakeries and pastries to our offer. However, you can get some of those in the US, there is no comparison to the Polish, Romanian, or Hungarian ones. It is why you can find, for example, mixed nut roll, poppy seed, and the plum one. Each one presents the excellent European victuals. Thanks to the Fabko online store, everyone in the US can buy them on the web. And undisturbed enjoy their taste with family at home. As a suitable place on the Internet, we provide our clients with a selection of the best foods from Europe. We ship to everywhere in the US.

Bread and rolls, rye mixed bread, cheese buns, and ingredients for home pastries

Bread and rolls are traditional Christmas desserts in Poland. However, you can eat these bought at our store throughout the entire year. Indeed, it's not only a tasty yeast cake. It is almost a heavenly experience. Undoubtedly, everyone who has ever been to Europe knows very well about the quality of pastries there. Luckily, thanks to Fabko, you don't need to go there to buy them. We did it for you! We have imported the bast what the Old Continent has from this category. Decidedly, All you have to do is browse throughout our selection, choose and order. Besides, all your goods can be at your doors even tomorrow! We also have an offer for all those who would like to make something like this at home. If you are a home baker and confectioner, check out our baking soda or tiramisu ladyfingers. With them, your baked goods will surely acquire a unique flavor.