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Apricot Strudel Approx. 1 lb
Home Style Apricot cake
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Cheese Strudel Approx 1 lbs
Hand Made Farmer Cheese Strudel.
Romanian Cozonac bread Sale!
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Cozonac bread/Dios Kalacs/Kolacz z Orzechami
All Natural Homemade Romanian Sweet Bread. Weight: Approx. 2 lb
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Farmer Cheese Sweet Cherry Strudel Approx. 1 lb
Hand Made Farmer Cheese and Cherry Strudel.
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Fresh Compressed Yeast 1 lb
For maximum control over fermentation and proofing, nothing compares with fresh yeast. Because it consists of live cells in a nutrient medium, the best way to store the yeast is to cut it up into smaller pieces. Lay those pieces flat on a plate and freeze for 1-2 hours. Once the smaller pieces have hardened, transfer them to a bag and store in the freezer...
Grandma Poppy Seed Cake Approx 1 lb Sale!
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Grandma Poppy Seed Strudel Approx 1 lb
Home Style Poppy seed roll. 
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Nut and Almond Strudel Approx 1 lb
Home Style Almond cake roll
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Cake & Pastry

Hungarian Cake & Pastry. High quality euroean food.

Hungarian Cake & Pastry. Bakery European Pastries.

Baklava, Homestyle Hazelnut, Dobos Torta, and layered delicacies

Hungarian cake and pastry are, next to sausages, their most famous national product. The shelves in Budapest's confectioneries almost bend with these one-of-a-kind sweets. Check what's not there! Among others, you can find old-style cheese buns, walnut and apricot Layered Cake (Zserbó), or Powdered Cheesecake with Chocolate. During the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the delicacies from Pannonian Basin often won the joint competition with the Viennese ones. Usually, they obtained a better rating. And no wonder. Even today, visitors to Hungary are also delighted with European confectionery products. Among them are the famous Dobos Torta, poppy seed rolls, and mixed nut rolls. In category of baked sweets, the Danube nation has undoubtedly achieved true mastery. In our opinion, everyone should try this legendary confectionery. Recipes for some of them are even several hundred years old! The Fabko online store gives you a unique opportunity to taste these unique products at your home.

Hungarian cake and pastry, plum rolls, poppy seed strudel, and cheese buns

Hungarian cake and pastry are renowned all over the world. Moreover, those are an essential part of the culinary tradition of this country. The famous European monarchs were visiting Budapest for coffee with delicious baking. However, there were many reasons for it. Plum rolls and farmer cheese sweet cherry strudel were only one of many. And yet, there are still hazelnuts cakes and traditional cheese buns. Now, you can comfortably get all these wonders and delicious fruits from Hungarian pastry shops. All you have to do is select the products you need from our online service. And then enjoy their great taste even on the next day. Or maybe you want to try your hand at making such baking yourself? No problem! We also offer fresh compressed yeast. From now on, every dessert in your home can be a real European delicacy! Indeed, we recommend them especially to fans of coffee and cakes.